Merino Kids

We have been lucky enough to try out the Merino Kids range over the past week or so and now I'm going to tell you all about it because I'm kind of obsessed. go go 1  go go 4 go go 6

We are long time lovers of Merino Kids my 94 year old Gran gives Merino Kids Go Go Bags as a gift to all new babies in the family and has done for a while now which means she's probably gifted 30 because I come from a huge ass family and thats how many great grandchildren she has, we used Merino kids with Rocky and were so excited to be given the opportunity to try out the new range with Ruby. I'm such a merino freak well I'm a wool freak in general because I know and understand the advantages of using natural fibres on our babies. Nothing beats merino against a new babes skin it regulates temperature and keeps them warm when its cold and cool when its hot. Seriously team Merino is amazing in so many ways it promotes sleep routines, its fire resistant, it's 100% natural and it reduces skin allergies.

We have been using the Go Go Bag with Ruby for a week or so now because she was wrapped up until then you can read about how I transitioned her here.

I've had a lot of people ask for advice on which weight to pick or what clothes they should have their babies in or what blankets go with them. We went with the standard weight bag as I feel its the most versatile I guess this comes down to personal preference but heres why I LOVE this one. Its a great all year round product, I used this weight with Rocky and was able to use it winter and summer. You can add layers of clothing in the cooler months and also have a light duvet over top, but baby is also super comfortable in just a nappy because the inner fabric is super soft and snuggly. They also have a great temperature guide on their website so you can work out what one is actually best for you and not go just by my ramblings here.

go go 7

Caring for your Merino Go Go Bag is also way to easy which I'm all about because lets face it I'm terrible at being a housewife/keeping my kids clothes clean. I would usually make a frantic call to my mum if I needed to wash such a garment but when Ruby vomited a whole boob full of milk on it last week I was able to figure it out for my self with out any awkward shrinking moments (I've shrunk many a woollen garment in my time). You just chuck it in the wash with the zipper closed right the way up alongside some wool approved washing liquid (we use eco store) and make sure your machine is set to the wool cycle before you start them bam bobs your uncle! Dry on the line or in your hot water cupboard but do NOT tumble dry sheep do not like the dryer under any circumstances ok.


  • They are super easy to get on and off with the domes and zips, no fiddling about in the dark.
  • They zip opens at the bottom so night time nappy changes are way to easy when your running on zero sleep and you can't find any toothpicks to hold you eyelids open. You just zip up without having to remove the whole bag and sometimes if your really lucky you can preform one of these dreaded nappy changes with out your baby even waking up! yes people it can happen we did it last week which was major mama fist pump moment!!
  • They have a slit in them so you can put the straps through this makes them perfect for cool walks in the pram, you don't have to worry about a blanket being kicked off or little teeny toes getting cold. We regularly used our Go Go Bag for this with Rocky and I'm sure we will be doing the same this winter with Ruby.
  • The colours are amazing! The new colours have just been released for autumn/winter 16 and they are pretty bloody cool.
  • The inner is the softest fine merino and the outer a more practical cotton fabric.
  • Its a good sleep association tool, we found this really helped Rocky when we sleep trained him. It was a familiar thing he always had no matter where we were and he knew when he was in it that it was BEDTIME.
  • They look cute! DAHH!

go go 10

I really can't rave enough about this product we have tried and tested the brand over the last two years and can not fault them at all. I don't think there was anything I would change and we have without a doubt had our moneys worth Rocky is a big kid and he still fitted in his Go Go Bag comfortably at the age of two. The quality is next level and we have put it through the ringer with sickness and code browns every time I was impressed with how our sleeping bag  took what was thrown at it literally the food and the other gross things a toddler smuggles into nap time.

I wish more parents and families were aware of the benefits Merino brings, the cheap synthetics marketed as cute baby products have so many hidden nastiest and can cause  a range of problems from our babies over heating to being highly flammable. Good merino is an investment that will last you a long time and these sleeping bags would easily make it through two children if not more.

go go 3go go 8go go 2

Head over and check out the Merino Kids website to work out what is best suited for your family or find your nearest stockist. You won't regret spending the money on such a high quality brand that will last you in the long run! and just look at Ruby in her Merino Kids pjs and Go Go Bag if you need any more convincing.

B xx