Sleep Ruby Sleep

ruby 5 months You know when your kid sleeps through the night and you rush in first thing because your like OMG are they breathing?! why is the baby still asleep did someone come and steal them?! ARGHHHHH panic station and then you realise they are still in their cot and you very quickly switch to boom oh yeah the baby slept all night I'm amazing, my baby is amazing, sleep is amazing, tupac is amazing woo frekin hooooooo.

I dont tend to do the first part because I'm a terrible person and my first thought is normally oh good god my boobs why are my boobs so sore then its followed by ewww milk theres milk in the bed then its followed by shit the babies still asleep I'm not getting up!! Some might say I'm a terrible person I just think I'm realistic ha, I do thank the rap gods though and I will fist pump myself.

My next step is literally to analyse everything that happened in the 24 hours leading up to the baby sleeping "all night long" (yep hello Lionel again) and working out how I replicate it in the next 24 hours. For example Ruby Lou slept really really good last night after a few weeks of absolute carnage, I still don't complain because I know she's better than some and I get a hell of a to more sleep than some. She was sleeping okish, waking to feed and straight back to sleep I know of babies that literally wake for a party at midnight but not here oh shit no I do not have time for that baby girl. So waking 2-3 times a night was totally bearable but I was starting to get a little over it so I now that she's done it once by crikey she can do it again and I'm plotting my plan to ensure it happens.

She's basically fucked it for herself see I now know she's capable of it again and that her dreaded four month sleep regression is over (it might not be but I've decided it is). So what did I do differently yesterday? I've concluded that I have been putting her to bed too early I remember when Rocky was this age he was having his last nap at 5pm and then wasn't actually going down for the night until like 9pm now I might be totally wrong but he slept through the night so its worth a shot, last night she didn't go to bed until around 8.30pm because we were out and she slept like a log. My plan is to do it again tonight and see what happens I might be all shit and need to go back to the drawing board but I'm totes for giving it a go, I love learning and planning I really do think its key in child rearing but I also think winging it is key to so maybe don't follow my parenting advice too carefully. On a typical night she goes to bed at like 6 or 7pm with Rocky and then she wakes a few times until she's actually asleep at like 9pm gahhh writing this I'm like Bekah you durr brain your answer is right there in bloody black and white I literally had to spell it out to myself, it seriously makes so much sense! Tonight is going to be beautiful I feel it already and if its not I'll post a cute photo on the inter web showing how much of a hot mess I am not and how rested myself and my baby look because my plan worked and she slept all night because thats what we do ya no we don't admit defeat and hell no I will not admit that my baby is horrible. Just kidding!! you guys know I will totally check back in and be all hot messy and Ruby will be crying and I'll be crying and we will be in spew covered pjs and it'll be like 3pm and there will be weetbix in my hair and chocolate smothered on my face because thats all I'd eaten all day.

Truth is I miss my little baby the cute one with less hair that slept a lot so I'm working on finding her again obvs with more hair now, I also miss sleep a lot and maybe its more that I miss than it is the cute baby because the baby is still cute but a baby who sleeps is cuter (now before you get all poopy I'm sure all you gals with babies who don't sleep have cute kids too but I like Ruby better when she sleeps kapesh) so tonight she will wear her cutest pjs to bed and she will sleep, I will sleep, we will all sleep. SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP.

Any one else ready for their baby to sleep?

B xx

Oh and here's Ruby hating life or just not down on being Five months old see I post these pics #reallife hahahahahaha


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