Lets talk about last night.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset Last night was weird well the night wasn't weird but Rocky was weird. He sleeps all night her very rarely wakes up and when he does its for water or something but then last night happened and it was freaky as shit. I think kids are incredibly spiritual and I have heard many stories of children who have 'imaginary' friends that turn out to be someone who has passed away or that have seen things, it doesn't freak me out to much I might get the odd goosebumps like I did last night but it doesn't scare me.

Last night it scared Jared though.

Rocky had woken up at like 10.30pm Jared went to see him because he was crying which like I said is very rare for him at night and when he went to walk down the hall way Rocky was standing in our bedroom door sobbing, no biggy he was probably just disorientated and looking for us (it was also weird he left his room he doesn't often leave his room until you go in and get him) but then when Jared picked him up he started screaming just clinging on to Jared really really tight crying for me I had just fed Ruby so we switched kids and I tried to comfort Rocky but he wasn't having a bar of it. He was just crying uncontrollably it was a bit airy as he was looking round the room his wee eyes were just darting around behind me and I could tell he wasn't going to go back to sleep, "couch mama couch" he said which is when I was like yo wait are you playing me home boy? But I let him on the couch any way because he was still sobbing and looked cute as hell.

On the couch though the crying continued and he started doing the eye dart thing again eek strange but I'm totally still keeping my cool here then he started grabbing at his feet saying no no mama cover my feet I need a towel (yep he's super specific he would pick a towel over a blanket any day lol) so Jared got him a towel and he calmed down. I put him back to bed with the towel and thought that was the end of it, it was the end of it for a while but then Jared went to walk down the hall way again and there was Rocky facing a wall just standing there doing nothing on his own Jared described it as him giving the wall a Hongi he was that close to it. Naturally because Jared's a little bitch he started yelling "what are you doing buddy" and made me come running thinking something was actually wrong.

Jared is so spooked he is freaking the fuck and and Rocky is crying again which is just great, I put Rocky in our bed and ring my mum because agin the eye dart thing is happening and Rocky has the shakes, EEK shit just got real. I'm still not too worried and try and explain to Jared that it's not a big deal and he needs to calm down and Jared's just thinking the worst going all blair witch on me (he literally referred to the events of the night as blair witch shit) but it wasn't actually that bad and even if Rocky was experiencing something we don't need to be freaking out on him. I did mention I believe in there being things out there right and I do really think kids do see spirits because they are so free and have open minds, any who Jared starts asking Rocky questions because he is still looking into the hallway frequently but all we can get out of him is "scary daddy" "scary bus" which doesn't tell us a lot I mean a ghost bus isn't going to fit in our hallway. Plus he was probably picking up on Jared's annoying unspiritual vibes.

Now once again I am starting to think well played Rocky well played as he is sitting up in bed eating BBQ rice crackers with Jared at like midnight asking ever so sweetly if he can watch Cars on TV, um no Rocky unless you can see dead people you can get your cute little butt back into your own bed. He didn't he fluffed around in our bed for an hour or so of which Jared slept soundly and I had a toddler stroking my face saying "tuddle me mama" why do I always get the short straw why does he love me so much more than Jared lol but then he sat up and said "Ruby room me bed" I was not going to fuck around if he wanted his bed he was getting dumped back in it. Well his bed lasted a wee while then he was stroking my face again, we did this bed tag thing for another few hours and then he must of given up and went to sleep, but he woke up early because he had pee'd through his nappy and it was basically all a big fat nightmare that left me in tears this morning because I was so bloody tired.

Oh and I had to take Ruby to get her jabs today.

I'm well aware that there are plenty of reasonable explanations for last night

  1. Sleep walking, I am a terrible sleep walker and talker so maybe the kid inherited this from me. Mum said they used to find me in strange places at strange times of the night, I used to pee in the rubbish bin not the toilet when I was in a deep sleep.
  2. Growing pains, He's a growing lad and the way he was freaking out grabbing his feet could have had something to do with growing pains I also used to get the worst growing pains boo.
  3. Night terrors, He had such  full on week and was really really tired last night but being over tired he might have had some nights terrors and struggled to get to sleep which made him frustrated and he didn't know how to express it.
  4. He just didn't want to go to sleep.

There was only one other time he did the weird eye darting thing and it was when he had a temperature one night that was too high and he had a seizure, but he was looking around the room and staring behind me so much I actually told the thin air to go away and leave him alone. Yep call me crazy ha but it was so real at the time, he was sick and the things he was doing were all symptoms of the high temp but I rang my sister freaking out as I was home alone and had just had Ruby when she came to take us to after hours I mentioned I felt it was 50/50 either a temp or a ghost haha obviously the doctor thought I was mad.

Anyone have anything spooky to share?

P.S Ruby slept great after her later bed time 2x nights in a row woohoooooooo.

B xx