Meet Juno.

Hey team I would like to introduce you all to our new mate the Mountain Buggy Juno. I know what your thinking what is this Juno thing you speak of? I'll admit its a weird name but if you delve into the world of baby wearing you will find most carriers have weird names personally I want to dance to Jitter Bug overtime I hear the word Juno, you know like I'd be all "a juno bug" dh dh dh "a juno bug" ok that was lame but I'm not kidding I want to sing it every time. juno 3 juno 2

Right lets get back on track we were given a Mountain Buggy Juno to try out and now I'm going to let you know what we think of it after using it daily for the last week and a bit, we have put it through the paces don't worry I'm not going to just try it on take a pretty picture and say wham bam thank you mam. No way jose we went on a hike, we put the toddler in it, we used it in every position its capable of, we wore it to the beach, to the mall and to the markets, we wore it in the cold and in the heat, he wore it, I wore it, nana wore it and poppa wore it. I shit you not we left no Juno stone un turned ha this Juno got a thrashing. But it was all in the name of telling you guys whats the best of the best.

This is the first carrier to be released in the Mountain Buggy Family and they have gotten it so so right, The carrier itself was designed with medical professionals and they also based the design on real parents feedback. All four carry modes are medically approved and the international hip dysplasia have acknowledged the Juno as a 'hip healthy product' when used correctly which is pretty rad its not often you find a front face design that is good on our wee babes hips, you go Mountain Buggy! I have decided to make my own demo video because we all know I love to talk and I want to show you how I use The Mountain Buggy Juno Carrier in our every day life mum to mum. It also saves me describing the nitty gritty here and just showing you on the videos boom.

Here's the run down

  • It has a great weight range which is super important to me because I like getting value for money and the longer the kid fits the better the investment. We previously had a Tula which has a similar weight range but as far as comfort went there is no way Rocky would be happy getting shoved in it to trek around the country side. We have both found he is much happier shoved in the Juno.
  • Weight capacity = 3.5kg / 7.7lbs - 20kg / 44lbs
  • It has four different carry modes = front face in 0-24 months or 3.5-12.2kg, we preferred this mode for Ruby as she is only just five months old and I am super aware of her becoming overstimulated plus she literally falls asleep as soon as she gets in the Juno when she's facing in. The front face out mode 6-18 months or 6.5-10kg, this excites me because the Tula couldn't do this and theres not really anything else on the market that enables a nice comfy and safe front face out mode. You would normally find the face out carriers are crotch danglers that don't support the babes wee hips so I am super happy to see Mountain Buggy produce such a healthy and comfortable forward facing carrier.The hip carry 6-24 months or 6.5-12.2kg this is probably the carry I would personally get the least use out of only because both my kid are happy enough on my back or front but I like the option of having it for a fussy baby who wants tot look out but still be close to mum.The back carry 6-48 months or 6.5-20kg this is so good! it has the highest weight range out of all the carries and is perfect for the toddler of the family, Rocky loves being up on Jared's back and is more relaxed and comfortable than if Jared was to just offer him a piggy back ride these really freak him out and he feels so secure being in the carrier. I can't wait for Ruby to be able to see the world on her dads back. (best suited for toddlers!)
  • The infant inset is included (very rare you would pay an extra $40-$70 for other brands infant insert on top of the actual carrier) and comes with two levels so you have no awkward in between ages where they are to big for the insert but a bit scrawny for the actual carrier, weight range 3.5kg-6.5kg.
  • It has pockets, I didn't actually notice these pockets for a few days and now I'm obsessed with them because I can just grab a small pack of wipes and a nappy chuck them in one side then pop my phone and cash into the other side. This is one area that always frustrated me with other carriers because you have to carry the baby and the bag to go any where and I would quite often wear Rocky and still take the pram to hold all my shit but pretend at one stage of the trip he was in the pam so I didn't seem like I was a crazy. These pockets fit the essentials perfectly!
  • The front pocket, I like to call this the front pocket thing, its an open ended panel type pocket so you can slip your hands around the babies back which is naturally where your hands gravitate to when baby wearing. I also kept cash and my phone in here before I found the actual pockets.
  • The hood, the hood is good but I'll talk a bit more about that soon.
  • The shoulder strap, It moves super easy for wearers convenience, this is another feature that trumps the rest of the baby carriers on the market. Its genius because it has a magnet!! I will talk about this soon as well because its actually my fave feature.
  • 100% chemical free fabrics with a 100% cotton lining which feels amazing and is super soft against your squish.
  • The shoulder straps are really padded which makes for an extremely comfy fit, the waist belt also has a decent amount of padding again making for a great fit. Both the shoulder and waist bands are nice and wide which is a really important feature to ensure the carrier and child is as comfortable as possible, in this case the width helps evenly distribute the child's weight this is a huge deal when your carrying a 19kg chunk of a toddler who's thighs are like tree trunks.
  • The colour range is good for both mum and dad to wear, the colours are subtle but stylish.

Top tips

  • You can hide cooler packs in the hood pocket to keep baby nice and cool in summer (your welcome).
  • You can also hide stuff down that same hood pocket, its super deep it actually goes right to the waist belt so theres plenty of room for goodies (chocolate bars and what not)
  • It has little safety clips on the buckles, this is a great wee feature I personally don't bother as I don't care enough about my kids no kidding I totally care I just don't care enough haha.
  • There are wee elastic band things by the buckle that will hold the straps in place and up out of the way. You just roll up the excess strap fabric when you have tightened the Juno to fit comfortably and fasten the elastic around the bundle of strap to hold in place (that was a terrible description you should look elsewhere for a legit definition haha).

Fave feature

  • The sternum clip, in the past I have used a Tula and a Manducca which both have the a buckle type sternum clip. These can be annoying as hell and the clip has to be in the  right position to be able to comfortably unclip it, so many times I've had to ask a stranger for help doing up both these other carriers but never again! This clip is genius it kind of slides in place with the help of the magnet and you hear a wee click so you know its done then to unclip you just pop it open. Its the little things in life that impress me and this is one of them so well thought through but such an amazing feature in the scheme of things.

Thing that surprised me the most

  • The hood, when I unboxed the Juno I immediately though argh a hood that doesn't detach this is going to be a nightmare why would they do this!! But then I tried it and alas you should not judge a book by its cover, the hood is frekin fab. I think my initial grudge against it stemmed from the poorly designed Tula hood, I thought it was the bees knees because you could detach it and never use it (I literally never used it) but now after using the Juno hood I've realised what a well designed hood can do! I have used the hood almost every time I've worn Ruby when she's asleep to keep her head from flopping, when she's a sleep to keep it nice and dark, when we are outside to shield her from the sun, when we were at the indoor play land to keep people from peering in at her and keep the noise to a minimum, we have used the hood a lot. Its so easy to use and grip on to the straps with out stupid fiddly bits and his a beautiful soft cotton against her head, the hood is amazing!! And its easy enough to just hide it away when your not using it but I am lazy so it has been out the whole time because it doesn't bother me to much.

jared 8 jared 7jared 6 jared 4jared 3 jared 2jared 1


Like I said up there we have all worn this the only one excluded is probably Rocky and I wouldn't put it past him because he's constantly saying "I carry Ruby Mama" its a bit of a nightmare, but the general consensus is you can't get much comfier. Everyone in our family has worn Rocky in the Tula and in the Juno and we all agree the Juno wins hands down! The Tula really doesn't compare in the comfort department as it does not have anywhere near as much padding s the Juno has, I also find the Juno a lot more user friendly for a novice baby wearer. Jared wore Ruby at the mall last week and I was able to take some snaps of him taking her out, it really shows you how easy it is reach around and pop the sternum strap and pull your baby up for a kiss. I asked him what he thought of it and he looked at me blankly he's a man of few words our Jared but when I prompted him to tell me what carrier he liked better and why he said "the new one because if fits better and is way more comfy" he explained this was because there is more to the shoulder straps so on his broader shoulders he felt like he had more support. He didn't actually notice the front hand pocket things until I pointed that out and then he was like my jam this is so much nicer to be able to hold her as we walk instead of having to carry my shopping or help me wrangle the toddler. He was already a bit of a pro at putting a soft structured carrier on and off but found the Juno more user friendly for his baby daddy mates that might not be as confident.

juno 1 mum

Please remember to wear your baby safely and always check for the T.I.C.K.S when putting your baby in the Juno.


In view at all times

Close enough to kiss

Keep chin off the chest

Supported back.

Click here to see the ergonomics and fitting tips by the pros at Mountain Buggy you can also read about the T.I.C.K.S guidelines in depth.

And click here to see the Specs on the Mountain Buggy Website.

Mountain Buggy Juno comes in four colours and retails at $249.00 they also sell suck pads to stop your babe gibbering over your brand new swag carrier they are $19.00.

B xx