The Essentials.

This is my list, the one I was planning on writing when Ruby was a few weeks old but the only thing I was capable of writing about then was sore nipples, cluster feeding and how fat I felt. But then this morning a friend txt me asking my must haves as she wanted to put together the most epic of epic baby presents so here it is, theres something for everyone from decor to healthcare to clothing, books, bath products and a baby bag delivery service.

Lamington Socks 

  • These are the best thing since sliced bread, seriously I found them when Rocky was a babe I was so over constantly pulling up his socks it used to drive me mental or I would loose one sock that had fallen off when we were out. They are made in NZ with fine merino wool and I can assure you once you put on a pair of lamington's you wont go back. They have such a huge range you wont be stuck with boring woollen socks, we normally have like four pairs on the go through out the year which is heaps. They wear incredibly well with only minor piling and I even put them in the drier all the time with no issues (they probably don't advise this though lol). I actually cant rave enough there is nothing that compares and they are top of my list for birth right through, I also have a pair and I know Jared felt left out and wants some for winter too. Seriously team if you don't have any laminations go out right now and buy some or just shop form your couch in your fat pants whist your watching toddlers and tiaras.


LFOH merino

  • I feel like I want to start everything with we LOVE this product but the truth is this list is my jam! we really do love all of these products. LFOH or Little Flock Of Horrors is one our fave brands for both Rocky and Ruby, they not only have some super soft amazing garments made from the best merino but they also have the raddest designs out! For realises its warm and practical but its so cool and swaggy ah I literally can't deal. Theres something for everyone and you won't be disappointed in the quality, we also have some cool stuff coming up with them so keep your eyes peeled! All the garments are made with children in mind, the more attitude the better!


George Henry

  • We have a theme running here, super cool NZ brands. George Henry caught my eye just after Ruby was born and I struck up a online friendship with owner Jana we grabbed a t shirt for Rocky and a onesie for Ruby both with matching monogrammed R's. There really is nothing better than matching kids I know one day they will hate it but for now they will match! A good range of onesies is a must in a NB babes wardrobe seriously they shit through everything so you want things that are quick and easy to change, but you still want something that looks good and these onesies tick all the boxes.



Bonds wonder suits

  • This is a must for me they are the best but they are hard to get you can purchase from the warehouse and from tiny turtles here in NZ as the aussie website doesn't ship here due to fire safety regulations being different. Oh and sometimes you can get them super cheap at countdowns. The wonder suits are so practical all year round, Rocky lived in these and now Ruby does as well. Two things stand out for me the two way zip hello easy night changes with no fiddly buttons and then the little hand and feet pocket things, so these fold over the ands and feet perfect for adding that extra layer of warmth and keeping little baby mitts from scratching at their face.



  • Bibs, bibs, bibs you will need so many bloody bibs. I literally go through 10 a day and that's probably a good day ha, I have used a lot of different bibs and I've even made my own but shit these vinty ones are good. They are so well made and come in the most amazing vintage fabrics backed with a soft fleece backing, they are fastened with an easy stud and have the two sizes so they won't grow out of the bib in a week! these are by far my fave bibs and really good value. Did I mention she also makes gorgeous dolls and rattles.

vinty bib 2


  • Kiwiherb is so good they have the most amazing products that will save your ass so many times as a parent. I'm going to do a full review on them soon with some sweet giveaways but in the mean time just buy some any way! We used kids calm in the first few weeks on both Rocky and Ruby to calm their asses down when they were both crying simultaneously. Ruby got a cold at three weeks old and it was so nice to be able to give her Kiwiherb de stuff to help unblock her, knowing it was all natural and that it would work in a gentle way on her little body. Then the baby balm oh my its so good, we used it as soon as Ruby was born just putting a little bit on her butt so that when she passed the meconium it wouldn't stick to her wee toosh and be uncomfortable to get off (its like tar) and since then we have used it daily on cuts, scrapes, dry skin, my dry lips, her nappy rash and as a massage oil it actually does it all.

The baby bag

  • The baby bag is totally genius, the absolute perfect gift you could ever give a new mum! Jessie is amazing to deal with and is always happy to have a chat to work out how she can accomodate your needs. What is the baby bag? its literally a baby essentials service that delivers right to your door so you place an order online or purchase a gift card then the magical team at the Baby Bag put it all together then drop it on your door stop either over night (north island) or they even manage a same day delivery in Auckland!! I know its that good. I have ordered off them many times and my most resent purchase is the reusable breast pads these bad boys are great I am constantly running out of boob pads and leaking all over the show but these are the solution, they are really really good.



  • Ok so we all already know I am obsessed with Haakaa so I won't go into to much detail because I've written about them a few times already but their products are just too good the breast pump is a must, the teething toys are a must, the bottles are a must and literally all their stupidly good ideas are a must for every new mum. That is all.


Manuka Honey breast pads

  • Please buy this product for every single breastfeeding mother you know, MANUKA HONEY on your boobs that are tender and chaffed and cracked and sore and just having a really really hard time is the best thing you can do. Enough said.

Inflatable bath mattress

  • I won one of these bath mattresses from the baby tool box when Ruby was just born and I had never seen anything like it, its literally a lilo with a mesh bottom and the baby just floats on the water. It sounds so strange but I'm not kidding its the best bath invention ever especially if you are bathing more than on kid at the same time, I could have them both in bath and Rocky still got a decent amount of water to splash around it. I want every mum with a baby and toddler to know about this its so easy to use it takes 30 seconds to blow up and its deflated in a second at the end for easy storage. Another thing I love about it is how Rocky was involved with Ruby he could bath with her and also help wash her which I found so important for their bonding.


Wee Welsh wooden baby gym

  • We had the biggest bulkiest plastic play gyms with both kids and I only wish I came across wee welsh design earlier, she crafts the most beautiful wooden play gyms and other wooden items.  Seriously the one we used was so annoying all Ruby had to do was yank it to hard or kick it and the whole bloody thing would tople over, plus did I mention it was huge and ugly and annoying as! Check out Stacey's designs and if theres something you can't find get in touch I'm sure she will be able to help you out.


Pop Factory ABC print

  • This print is the first thing I brought for Ruby's room, I love it so so much. Its bright and fun and kind of educational ha its so cool! I literally brought this and then designed everything else around it, you can't go wrong with one of their designs there's something for everyone. It's no secret how much I love PF so browse the site because its not only the prints that would make a great gift for a new babe.


Moe Pepe dreamer

  • A friend gifted Ruby  dreamer from Moe Pepe when she was born and I was hooked on Jess's work instantly, we now have three in the house and I need more. They are handcrafted with so much love and the designs are so thought out, there is nothing sweeter then a beautiful dreamer hanging above a bassinet. You can also turn any of the dreamers into a dreamy mobile to for your babe to gaze up at, aren't they gorgeous!


Sleepy Kiwi Book

  • Another stella NZ designed product, this book is so good. Its so good infact that we have two! Ruby loves gazing at it when she's having tummy time and the black and white illustrations always catch her eye when she's fussy. The story of the sleepy kiwi is the cutest and this is now one of my go to baby shower gifts, you can also get a sleepy kiwi soft toy and a sleep journal in the range. Sold through Little + Sleepy and illustrated by Kat Merewether.


Hello My Love Milestone Cards

  • Possibly the coolest thing ever that I wish I had when Rocky was a baby, these milestone cards are so good they are little cards you use to document your baby hitting each milestone. So they have a range of milestones printed onto them, there's months, sitting, walking, talking, smiling, laughing the list goes on. You grab the card needed and place it next to your super cute babe to get a super cute picture to share with family and friends so they can keep track and then you will also never forget the ages they hit all the milestones.

ruby 5 months

Ok so that wraps it up I guess its more a gift registry than anything else, I have another list of things that are your more practical items like the square cloth nappies and straight jackets but I'll save that for another day! I would 200000% recommend everything on this list just as I would happily receive any of the things on this list as a new mum, some of the products are no brainers and you probably know about but some of them I have dug out of the depths of baby land. All of these businesses are NZ owned and operated which is such  a cool thing please head over and check them out, support them, shop with them, spread the word about them and flick them a like on IG or FB we would all really appreciate it.

And if you haven't already comment on my Facebook page or IG page or here to enter to win $500 worth of NB baby essentials brought to you by myself and all these rad brands, you can enter via all of the methods listed above every new comment is a a new entry and I will randomly draw on Sunday night.

B xx