Baby food for the Baby Girl.

Hello! So the other day I snap chatted myself making some baby food and a heap of you messaged asking about it so I thought OMG why don't I make another fab youtube tutorial, now this one is no slaying brow tutorial (which you can watch here) because lets face it we're making baby food theres only so many jokes you can crack about baby food before it becomes inappropriate like I totally had to crop like five jokes because I was all woah Bekah people may really find this NOT funny and kind of inappropriate and aint no body got time for that. But the flip side is people may have found it really funny but atlas this way I won't get no mofo'ing trolls grinching at me for saying something out of the ordinary.

Baby food here is a new thing, she's only had a few tastes of avocado and a little bit of a kumara mash. But seriously this kid is sitting over here acting like she's bloody starving, we eat and her mouth goes open and shut open and shut theres literally a pool of drool all around her and those hawk eyes they don't miss a flipping thing every mouthful every sneaky bloody bite she sees and she makes you know that she's watching. It's kind of like a horror film where your being watched and someones prank calling you t the same time, Ruby is the murderer and i'm the hot babysitter who runs upstairs when you should never ever run upstairs like you will for sure die! I've gone off track here pretty much where I was going with that is Ruby is ready for solids. But I wasn't actually planning on starting her on solids until like 6-7 months purely because I do not want to prepare food for two children when its hard enough with a toddler and I know I was going to have to feed her sooner or later but I was really going with late.

Rocky started solids at five months on the day, I was so eager for him to start solids and hit that milestone that I didn't really care about wether he was actually ready or not. I don't really remember but I'm quite confident he was not into it at all but of course I knew best and I decided he was way into it, now I know more like most of us mothers do second time around and there's so much more to consider than just thinking your kid is ready for solids. I won't bang on about these things because I'll probs get the facts wrong and then I'll get mums messaging me like argh your ruining the world one baby at a time with your wrong info so instead at the bottom of the page I'll link so legit pages with legit info by legit people ok.  But if you are looking for some un legit advise that is 100% not backed up by facts by all means keep reading, it isn't recommended to start babies on solids until six months plus and for good reason so please do have a read up on the facts and think about the reasons you are starting your small fry on solids (please don't give them fries).

Ok responsible part over I talk a bit more about our baby food journey in this video which you should totally watch Rocky makes a cute cameo and I'll list what ingredients we used here with a quick run down on what to do but if you need a step by step guide plonk me in your kitchen with you and whala I'm like a personal virtual chef.

I had pretty much forgotten what to start Ruby on so I googled it and google was lame so I asked a mate they gave me some ideas and the I just winged it but here what we went with.

Pumpkin and Kumara

  • Classic kiwi choice all its missing is a side of L&P and some Watties tomato sauce (this sis a joke chill out). So pit and peel the pumpkin then peel the kumara, cut it all up and chuck it in a pot of boiling water. Cook until you can stab a fork in there and it kind of breaks away pretty much a very over cooked vege, then drain the water into a bowl so if you need more liquid for pureeing you have it handy. As you will see in the video DO NOT put this is your nutribullet but maybe use a mouli you found in a museum or mash the shit out of it oh or if your modern use a stick blender. Whip it all up and add liquid as required I also added some breast milk for a bit of a kick. Then thats it YOLO your done chuck it in an ice cube tray then into the freezer.

Avo and boob juice

  • This is a tricky one because the only Avo I could find was a a teeny tiny little babe of a avocado it was 99c and the best out of a terrible bunch, the ones at the supermarket are bigger but not ripe and about $3.99 a friggin piece (eye roll). So you cut in half, take the pip out, scoop out the insides, throw it in the blender, add a decent amount of breast milk then for wizzle my nizzle it in the nutribullet. Thats it thats that one done its super easy, scoop it all out into ice cube trays and freeze. BOOM.

Pear and Apple

  • Ahhhh another kiwis classic maybe try this one with a side of speights and a mince pie (again joking mates)but seriously peel and cut the core out of the apple and pear then cut up and pop in a saucepan of boiling water. You don't want to much water just enough o cover the fruit, then once its cooked drain the water into a bowl in case you need more liquid at the end but I'm pretty sure you won't and you'll know why if you watch my video up there. This is probably best done in the nutri bullet (when its cooled down) or with a stick blender because its hard to break it down with just a hand masher. Once your mooshed it all up slam it into the ice cube tray and desert is ready.

Ok thats my lowdown on baby food head over to you tube to watch the video if you want to know more or see more, but you should really try your best to make your own baby food. In the long run its a lot cheaper and its so so so much better for our babies, you don't need fancy organic produce just standard bottom of the veggie drawer stuff is totally fine. Cook a big bulk lot when you get a spare minute and chuck it in the freezer, use ice cube trays to do this as you can grab out the right amount easily without wasting too much.

TOP TIP - Pull the ice cube trays out for 5 mins or so to let them thaw the slightest then you will easily be able to pop them out and get them into zip lock bags for easy storage.

If you can't make your own baby food theres one baby food brand totally out doing the rest, Little Angels pure baby food. They are so good its all fresh and made how we would cook it at home then snap frozen so it retains its nutrition and flavoursome goodness, there is so much in the range to pick from even the fussiest of fussy babies won't complain. You can search a stockist near you on their website or head over to our good mates at the baby bag who will be able to deliver it right to your door step (on the same day if your in auckland) or over night for the rest of the country. This is the only way to get your hands on it if your a fellow south islander so go check them out, I am going to keep our freezer stocked over the coming months because lets be real I'm not going to practice what I preach 24/7 ha.

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