The realist nappies.

I'm not sure why I try and turn everything ghetto fab but I do and these cloth nappies are no exception. They are for realises the realist nappies, I'm really obsessed with them. You see I have two children and when child two was born child one was still in nappies and when I say nappies I mean disposal expensive nappies, some may say whats the big deal? Well let me tell you that the big deal is, the big deal is I get married in 10 short months it might me less by now but I'm just going with it and I need to cut costs somewhere so nappies it was. Rocky was toilet trained and Ruby well she was thrown into the old cloth nappies, I would honestly like to say I was on this eco warrior kind of vibe but truth be told I was poor as hell and I wanted a pretty wedding dress!

I pulled out our trusty old crappy third hand cloth nappies I had used for Rocky that I brought off a friend and plonked her little toosh in them and they were great I mean I thought they were great, they were the only one I knew and boy oh boy was I wrong.

Enter Real Nappies so there was a competition for a photo shoot and obvs I entered Ruby but we didn't win which is ok you win some you loose some hahaha (I'm totally not bitter about this ha) no seriously its totes cool because the main thing was we were introduced to this sweet sweet brand and what an introduction it was. We are now complete converts and a firm part of the Real Nappies family, they got in touch and asked us if we would like to try out their nappies and then spread the word via our platforms of course I said yes because remember I was saving money and these nappies were way prettier than our old third hand ones. Now I think the key to this blog post is that these nappies were so so so so so so good yep that good when I received them and then used them for a week or so I needed more and I then purchased a whole other set that says something right?!

What makes these nappies better than the rest? Ok I'll tell you.

  • They look good. These nappies come in so many colours they are soon much better than the pastel, faded third hand ones we had previously. We have them in black, red, white and pink but I'm boring ha they also come in blue, orange and green theres nothing better than a cute colourful baby butt.
  • They are easy, like really really easy to use I have said it before and I'll say it again I am lazy as hell and that means I always ALWAYS take the easy option that involves less work. That means when I say they are easy I actually mean it, the concept was different to what we had been using and Im not going to lie when they arrived I was like ohhh I don't know these look like that are going to be a bit of a pain in the arse. Boy oh boy was I wrong these are a much better system than the last but I didn't know any better before I changed to Real Nappies and I also didn't read the info or watch the videos before I made my initial 'assumption'.
  • They are easy, ok I know I have already used this but I'm talking about the velcro this time the velcro is great.
  • They save me money, this is a huge one for me remember WEDDING. I worked out I'll be saving over $1000 just in the first year keeping Ruby in cloth nappies, now my maths might not be super accurate but I'm sure the figure is up there. Who doesn't want to save some moolah.
  • They save our planet, yep I do actual care about this aspect as well its not all about the money (it mainly is though, I know call me shallow). Nappies don't break down easy FACT - Every child adds a minimum of 6,500 disposable nappies to our landfills which take upwards of 500 years to decompose thats a flipping long time right! And then theres the 30 billion disposable diapers that get thrown out in the World annually they consume approximately 150,000 tons of plastic and 1,200,000 tons of tree pulp every year. Now compare that to the natural resources used to make and clean three to five dozen cloth nappies.
  • Leak proof, they don't leak! Now I know this is my own personal experience but Ruby has not leaked through once pee or poop, thats seriously something. She has leaked through disposables and our old cloth nappies but never these ones night even at night!!
  • They don't hurt Ruby's toosh, she has had issues right from the get go with her wee sensitive bum and it has been one big head ache after another. I have tried numerous brands of disposables I'm talking like 5+ and had no success, yes some are better than than others but none have completely cleared up her bum like these reusables. I don't know why but even our old nappies gave her a rash its such a eleven knowing I'm not going to be dealing with a red raw bum as soon as I get her nappies off every change time.
  • The liners can be used in disposables, ok this is a weird one but it works for us and its a tip someone else might find helpful. We use the biodegradable and flushable liners in Ruby's disposables because it helps stop the reaction by adding a neutral barrier, genius I know!
  • They are simple to fold, they have different folds for different babes. Theres a newborn fold, a boys fold, a girls fold and then they also have a booster pad for at night.
  • Two kid garuntee, these nappies are an investment they aren't cheap upfront but they are in the long run. I get so annoyed at people complaining about the price about good quality products, yes you pay more in the beginning but seriously weigh it up and work out for your self how much you will save in the long run. Its not rocket science team YOU SAVE MONEY. Any way where I was going with this is that the cost you pay up front is divided between not just one kid but two kids, yep these nappies will last two babies and if they don't Real Nappies will replace them. Please read their website for T&Cs (they aren't really T&Cs I know your over there all argh I bet they say that but the small print gets them off the hook. NO! They are really great T&Cs lol)
  • They have a great range of accessories, we have the swim nappies and the booster pads so she can wear them at night.
  • They look swaggy as hell.

Ok now I've made a video showing you a few ways to fold them and how to put them on.



  • Be careful when using some barrier creams I didn't even think about it and used sudocream on Ruby then after putting the nappies through the wash I realised the sudocream had stained boohoo. It's my own fault because I knew sudocream or any barrier cream with zinc in it stains and leaves this stupid annoying yellow bleach looking kind of mark. I did try again with the nappies liners though and didn't have a problem but be warned.
  • You don't have to wash the covers every time its so amazing like seriously its so much less work, the old nappies had to be washed every time no matter what but never again! I wash these maybe every three nappy changes unless her wee is extra smelly or she's got a little bit of shit on the cover which happens haha.
  • Pre fold them, I have all of our inserts folded ready to go in her drawer this makes for a much smoother nappy change especially if you have a wriggler.
  • Soak in a nappy bucket if the poop is a doozey, this well help keep the insert oh so fresh and so clean.
  • They need to be washed before use, especially the inners. They recommend you wash them a few times before use as this increases absorbency and makes them nice and fluffy and comfy.
  • You can use them on your toddler when you forget to buy nappies for night time, yep I put them on Rocky the other night when I ran out of his night time nappies and they worked a treat. (I squeezed him into Ruby's crawler size because the velcro adjusts so well).
  • Hang them on the line in the direct sunlight this is the absolute best way to ensure the inserts stay fresh to death honestly anything you have that is white and stained put it in the sun it will do wonders for keeping your whites bright!

What surprised me the most, everything! Like I said earlier I had written them off by what I thought a 'good' cloth nappy was in my head, but I was so wrong and am so happy I was able to give them a good go. I think the biggest thing that surprised me was how easy they have been to clean, this was the main thing that put me off when I opened them and prepped them for use but thy are easy peasy if not easier than the old ones. (see video above) I think its important to say not one nappy has stained due to Ruby's poop, this is important to me because I am not using liners with her at the moment (she still has that baby poo runny thing happening so the liners wouldn't really do anything).

Ok I have just talked a hell of a lot about nappies and poop and other things only relevant to a mum. I hope you learnt something and I really really really hope you look at cloth nappies, from one lazy mum to another you can do it and you can do it the busy mums way (I much prefer busy over lazy haha). Its not hard, its not gross and at the end of it you can reward yourself with a banging new handbag or something because remember you saved so much moolah.

Real Nappies - Price Range

  • Bundles range from $46.00 - $937.50 (bundles are amazing value for money)
  • Covers and inserts $17.50 - $19.99
  • They also offer a lay-by system over six months which you can read about here.


We love Real Nappies and hope you do too boom. If you want to try them out don't forget to enter our competition you can enter here, on FB, on IG or in all three of those places. Simply comment here and let me know if you would love to win.

B xx