So a friend just had a baby and he’s bloody cute but any way I went to visit her the day after she got home from the birthing unit and we got to talking about the big old boobs, I have always said in a supportive way to people that are having a hard time breast feeding that it will get better. I never really thought about it and just kind of always threw it around there casually, it got better for me and it gets better for a lot of people but seriously what happens if it doesn’t get better?

I’m not here to tell you what to do or how to cope with that because I don’t actually know what to say as it did get better for me but I want to offer some support because in the last year through social media and other online platforms it just keeps on coming up and there is so much BS around being a mum in particular breast feeding and I just need to say it will be ok, it might not get better but it will be ok. It concerns me so much that there is the judgment around something that is literally a necessity your kid has got to eat weather or not it’s from a tit or a teat, like how is it even a thing?!

I’m trying to write carefully I’m not here to start a debate or say who’s wrong or right because I will never win I’m just here to say mamas give zero fucks about anything or anyone but yourself and that tiny babe of yours. I have written about my breast feeding journey here and here and an opinion piece here if you want a read and get a feel of where I stand on the whole sitcho, the point of this is so that someone sitting with a babe on their tit and is breathing through clenched teeth with the curled up toes knows that they are doing a fucking great job and it will HOPEFULLY get better but if it’s also for the Mama who is sitting there nursing her cracked sore and bleeding nipples feeling all kinds of feels as she heats up a bottle of formula and watches her tiny babe cry out for food any food, the baby just needs food. Your baby could not care less whether it has a tit or teat in its mouth, it doesn’t matter if it’s a big old biscuit nipple or a siliconey size 1 bottle teat.

Your baby just needs to be fed and as long as you are feeding it any kind of food suitable for a wee babe then that’s all you bloody have to do!

There’s no right or wrong, it’s just what you think is right or wrong and whatever your rights or wrongs are that’s ok but be kind and be respectful and don’t make any other person feel less for the decisions they have made, shit we all judge and it’s so easy to judge parenting decisions I have no issue with judging someone but don’t be a cunt about it don’t make them feel shit about it and just keep your thoughts to yourself unless you can put them forward in a respectful and educational way. Ok so maybe judge it’s the right word and it would be more politically correct to say you don’t agree with other people’s opinions but in this particular instance if the kid is going to be fine its none of your business if the kid is at risk or in a potentially dangerous situation fucking do something about it but before someone tries a bottle fed baby is NOT in any harm, just FYI.

We are doing our best shit I think I am a terrible parent at least once a day, right now I’m convinced Rocky will be a serial killer and Ruby will be in jail for petty crime ok I’m over exaggerating but like they are both a little crazy and its 100% to do with my parenting at certain times. Being a mum is so hard and we do not need to even be thinking about shit like if our is going to grow another head because of the formula he was given, you have mother fucking got this and you need to back yourself because you are amazing and you are doing your best!

Go gem em Mama’s xx