So as most of you know I made some doughnuts and shit balls they were amazing, like they were literally round balls of fluff and sugar and goodness not anything like the other balls in our life.

I am in no way claiming these as my own recipe fuck I can barely cook 2 minute noodles without reading the back so yes I grabbed a recipe book down and I cooked my wee heart out things to the Little and Friday cookbook, I also don't really know he etiquette around this so basically I'm going to put there recipe here but credit them the whole way along hoping that's all g and I'm not going to have a with hunt come after me pitch forks and all ha.

I used the brioche dough recipe and then moved to the cinnamon doughnut recipe sooooo there was a lot of recipeing going on, I was worried like 100% sure this would be a failure but it wasn't wohooo and I was also 100% sure I would be winning at #mumlife but if you saw on the inter web my kid fucking hated me for making them.. So here goes I swear they are easy and good don't listen to Rocky he doesn't know shit.

Ya no what I'm literally just going to upload photo's of the recipe because yolo and I don't really care about having a gucci recipe section on my blog so here goes.

Remember this is from the Little and Friday book which you can buy here because it's a bloody great book! You should also be able to pick it up at your local book store just give it a google its called treats by Little and Friday.