I’ve written about travelling with kids before which you can read here but since then (it was only last summer) things have changed! And by changed I mean we are all flying around in space ship cars and they have wifi and nannies and snack machines no I kid but we do now have the god send which is Netflix downloads. What is Netflix downloads you might ask Well for starters that’s probably not the correct terminology for it but in a nutshell you can now download your fave shows onto your Netflix app and watch your fave shit on the road, or plane or flying car thing. It’s great for us big kids flying solo but it’s also great for families that are traveling with a tribe and just need something to entertain them or in my case baby sit them so you can nap on the flight.

We travel reasonably often and for some reason I’m always taking the kids like Rocky has such an obsession with Jetstar that he can pick a plane out in the sky and identify it as a Jetstar one its pretty crazy but kind of cute also kind of annoying as he’s constantly asking when we are going on the Jetstar like it’s just one plane they use to get everyone places “the jetstar”. Any way recently we took a trip to Auckland and Jared and I were possibly hung over on the flight home so we just set the little home boy up with his Netflix shows and left him to it while we snoozed away next to him, I know parents of the year but yolo.

Right before this trip we were gifted a pair of Bose noise cancelling head phones which are bloody fantastic and come in really handy on numerous occasions A – to drown out whiney kids B – To watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race in the bedroom when Jared’s trying to sleep after nightshift C – to keep kids quiet when you’re in public/on an airplane. The thing is with kids they are a weird kind of creature and they don’t cope in certain situations or with kind of strange things like earbud head phones, they are constantly asking for help with putting them back in or just tutuing with them so these big ass ones are so great for kids plus they are hella cute on. On this flight we had Ruby’s programs on Jared’s phone and Rocky’s on mine because fighting on a plane is never a good idea, Rocky had the head phones and Ruby doesn’t even care if she has sound on or not she’s just stoked to be watching Netflix on a plane lol.

Moral of this story is download your shows on Netflix, prep well with headphones, snacks, books and toys and you will have the most peaceful trip of your lifetime.

Rocky’s top shows

  • Bob the builder dinosaur fossil movie
  • Dinosaur Train
  • The Great Valley Adventure
  • Tayo
  • Chuck

Ruby’s top shows

  • Finding Nemo
  • The Wiggles
  • Big Elmo Fun
  • My Little Pony
  • More Finding Nemo (she’s obsessed)

DISCLAIMER – Your kid might be a right dick when travelling and that’s on you and no reflection of this article and what I told you to do hahaha

B xx