There’s a new meal planning website in town and it’s pretty bloody good! Say hello to how2food, I’m all about getting as much help as I can around meals and well anything home related really because we all know I’m a terrible house and I’m not going to be wining any awards any time soon.

These were my top terrible housewife problems

1-     I was making the same things all the time like Jared would say what’s for tea and I would say wraps and then the next day he would say what’s for tea and I was like wrapssss honey and then the next night he would be like wraps for tea? And I was all you got it babe. I just am not the type of person to open a recipe book and find a recipe that was a little fun but still easy enough for B, or if I did try this method I never had any of the bloody ingredients did I?

2-    I would spend way too much money when I would nip to the local supermarket for one measly ingredient but would end up filling the basket with things that well we didn’t need in the first place, I am trying to cut down my trips to the supermarket for this reason.

3-    I have no time for meal planning or prepping, like none at all and even if I had meat in the freezer or stuff in the fridge I would end up just getting takeaways or heading to our super expensive local boutique type supermarket to grab meat because that seemed easier than defrosting something or finding a recipe to go with the ingredients I actually had.

Having a website take the prep (stress) work out of cooking is super appealing for me so I jumped at the opportunity to try how2food out! It’s super simple and perfect for the busy super mum like me ha, you just head to the website sign where you can sign up for a free trial which is always a winner for the super indecisive people like me! And then they have a cool incentive where the more people you sign up the cheaper it gets for you so if you sign up five friends you literally only pay 50c per month!! but it’s super budget friendly any way at only $20.00 a month.

Once you are all signed up you can go through and customize everything so you can pop in budget, dietary requirements, allergies, fussy kids, time poor or just a general hot mess in the kitchen like me this ensures you get more bang for your buck and they aren’t going to tell you to make cashew chicken when you have a nut allergy or give you something wheat heavy when you or your babe has celiac disease. This is one of my fave parts of the whole thing they are taking the hard work out of cooking but also keeping you in charge, I’m totally happy for them to tell me what to do and then I’ll take all the credit for the cooking.

We gave it a go this week and obviously Ruby was impressed with what the pesto zoodles how2food came up with, seriously check out those faces! And me, this was the easiest process, I saved money at the super market, I didn’t have to rush around for dinner because it was all planned out for me and I looked like a bloody brilliant house wife.

My top features.

1-    How it is completely customizable, changing number of mouths that need to be fed that week, having someone join the team that has a dietary requirement or allergy, kids just fussy little brats you can adjust everything to suit you and your family’s needs.

2-    Are you worried they will set you up to fail by giving you super expensive ingredients or come up with a grocery list that you can’t possibly afford, well don’t even worry your pretty little faces because you are in complete control and you set the budget babes!

3-    The system will learn as you use it so the more you interact with it the more tailored the meal plan and recipes will be to you and your tribe, how cool is that.

4-    They offer a great free trial and amazing incentive to get your mates to sign up.

Sign up for your free trial here and then let me know your fave meals from your plan, or if you have a dope recipe you think we will love then submit it and maybe I’ll be cooking your go to meal next week.

Give it a go mates it is amazing.


B xx