Argh so today I was roped into something, something huge. Like it wasn't just "Hey mate we're shifting house on the weekend want to give us a hand?" or "Hey can you feed my cat for me this weekend whilst we are away being cool and your at home being lame with my cat?". You know they're the usuals where your all sure then your like shit I don't really want to but I guess I have to, fine I'll do it and then it rains and your like why do I say yes to everything (note to self stop being a yes man) well those two examples are jack shit compared to what I yesed to today! I mother fucking yesed to Junk Free June, aha you heard right Rebecca Sugar Shannon has committed to JFJ (I'm abbreviating it because I'm cool and I'll talk about JFJ heap over the next month). I am such a sweet tooth like you really have no idea I eat pudding for breakfast on a usual day and would easily eat a choc bar or two a day no worries I just love sugar, I've tried to cut it before well no I haven't actually I have discussed going sugar free in the past butttttt I could never actually commit. I've googled and researched and followed all the sugar free queens on IG but its just not for me, well it wasn't but now it is apparently.

I joined a team of baby girls lead by one of my ultimate baby girls Eden from Gypsy Pirate, they are offering some sweet deals up if you donate to us and I also get some sweet free shit as I reach some sweet milestones. I'm totally competitive and a complete over achiever (I'm not I'm so lazy and suck at life but I thought it would look good in this sentence) and I need to win some sweet prizes, I'm not going to lie one being the 50% off Miss Crabb because we all know I'm getting hitched in the near future and these are my dream bridesmaids dresses so hello half price shit! I will hound you daily for donations over the next 30 days if it helps me get my dream bridesmaid dresses. Now I know this isn't about me its a bout raising money for cancer and I know that thanks for reminding me mum lol butttt at the same time whatever gets you raising the most money right?!

Also I am going to talk about this and why I'm doing this (90/10 the right reasons virus the miss crabb discount), JFJ is for cancer we are cutting the crap for a great cause. Our main driving force is doing it for Riri who is one of Rockys tightest IG bffs and who's mum is one of my IG mum bffs (who is a bloody babe) this little man has just finished up his last round of chemo and is almost home and free from old mate cancer. He is amazing at his age (2.5) to have endured what he did but to also kick it's butt like he did how can he not be an inspiration! I can't even imagine what they have been through over the last 10 months and I couldn't even try too but what I can do is try and raise as much money as possible in his name that will then go on to help others facing the big C in whatever way they need to on their journey. Riley mate you are a legend your are amazing and so is that mum and dad of yours we bloody love you and cannot wait to see you soon when your on your special holiday that you so so deserve!

Fuck you cancer and fuck you junk..

Thats my motto I think? can I start a hashtag or is that taking it to far?! God I'm always taking it to far ha

Any way its not even 24 hours in and I'm almost rocking in the corner.. This is not a joke for realises guys this is not a joke! I am struggling I don't know how I'll get through. I will continue to document this on here ok and I will also document daily on snapchat (rocky.ruby)... this is hell on earth like the more I think about it the more I need to eat chocolate. I went to make a milo because apparently I'm allowed to when I crave chocolate but then I realised I don't like milo if it doesn't have sugar added SHOCK HORROR yep I add sugar to my milo (and I know milo is full of sugar.. I know I shouldn't have milo but whats a girl meant to do?! have I failed all ready?!) SHIT. I'm freaking out.. I'm actually terrified but I'm super committed and I can do this for fashion and for Riley (they should probably be the other way around but Megan I know your a fashion gal ha) This is not a drill or over dramatisation team.

Please donate please please please click the link and then share with your mates a little goes along way beggars can't be choosers right.

B xx


Thanks Natural things for the healthier choice to get me through xx

Thanks Natural things for the healthier choice to get me through xx