I mentioned online the other week that we have decided to put Rocky into Kindy and pull him out of pre-school and I had a few messages asking me why we had made that decision so I thought I would put it all on here in a blog post.

I guess the bottom dollar for us is literally the bottom dollar we are currently saving our arses off getting money together to get us into our first home (that’s a whole nother post though), one thing that will help us as we go through the application process is cutting down expenses and pre-school was seen as an unnecessary expense. I don’t work well I work like right now I’m working but I don’t have run around the house in the morning getting our shit sorted with a baby clinging to my leg with half a piece of toast hanging out my mouth while rocky is pissing on the bathroom floor and I’ve only got half a face of makeup on because I don’t physically go to work, my job is something I can work around the kids it’s very flexi and so my point is I don’t need a kid in pre-school for pre-school hours. When I enrolled Rocky in pre-school he was 18 months old and me and him we needed some time apart we do not do well if we spend too much time together and that’s the truth, Ruby on the other hand we could hang out all day erry day and obvs she would get annoying every now and then but we would survive without either of us having a mental breakdown. Basically Rocky was in pre-school to give us both some space and him some socialising because they really are like little puppies and they need to get into it with some kids sooner rather than later, he thrives at pre-school and I knew when I had him at home he needed more than what I could give him again this might have come down to our personalities clashing a lot. I’m rambling but like I said I wasn’t working full time so when Rocky turned three and could attend kindy and do kindy hours it made sense he didn’t need to be in a centre for my work hours so I handed in his resignation, I just couldn’t justify paying centre fees when he could attend a kindy for free especially at this crucial time of house buying.

Don’t get me wrong Ruby still goes once a week so I can get work done and I will look at bumping her up to two days when we have sorted this home loan bisso i.e. worked our butts off a little bit more to get pre-approved because I still believe being in pre-school is super important in a child’s development but also the mama’s sanity, I’m also trying to focus more time and energy back into the blog and Ruby going to pre-school one day a week enables me to do that. We have been attending the most amazing pre-school and have such a great relationship with his teachers and the whole centre staff it was so bloody hard to actually rip the band aid off and say I’m sorry but we are leaving it was like an awkward breakup I was sweaty and clammy and then before I knew it I was spitting out lines such as it’s not you it’s me and I’m so sorry but Ruby is still coming so that’s ok right? Right? Please say something anything! Ha no that was very dramatic but you know it is hard to break up with a boyfriend let alone the place that has played such a huge roll in your child’s upbringing. He started in that class when he was 18 months old and he’s now three so he has had the same teachers for such a long time it must have been hard for them I mean he’s obvs the coolest kid in the class lol no there’s heaps of cool kids but I’m allowed to say that because I’m his mum (I know other mums from his class read this sooooo I had to add that hahahaha).

The timing was right he was going to be transiting into the next class up early this year so I figured we would get him out before he had to adjust to that and get all confused and what not.

He’s a kindy kid through and through, I’m not sure if that’s actually a thing but I’d always just thought he would go to kindy and now that he’s older I know he really is a kindy kid. He doesn’t do super well with group tasks I know he doesn’t eagerly participate in things they do at his pre-school like investigation or mat time he much prefers to be able to be outside in the sandpit playing with diggers or riding a bike, being outside is his thing and I love the idea of free play and being able to be outside most of the time. I realise he is going to need more structure eventually and to prepare him for school he will need to realise that there is work to be done in a classroom but at the same time the bro is three so if he would rather be playing in the mud than participating in an investigation about clouds I’m good with that.

We looked at a few different kindy’s and had a list of about five originally but google maps helped me narrow it down to three that we looked at purely based on the travel time to and from the kindy’s five days a week. We were super spoilt for choice in our area and also super lucky to have my sister around who helped compile the original list, she’s an ece teacher and her insight was so good! I was sure to go and visit when Jared was home so he could get a feel for the place because he is really good at reading people and if he wasn’t into it then it wasn’t the right place. I’m terrible though because I can get talked into things like they could have just talked and said the right things and then may have got my vote but two places had us all really excited both with amazing staff which is such a biggie to me like they could have had the shittiest stuff but if the teachers were the best I’m good with that. I wish he could have gone to both that’s how much I loved them but it came down to travel time and one you had to cross quite a major road that gets really heavy traffic and I am a running late kind of gal I need to be able to leave at the very last, minute and still make it on time without getting stuck in traffic!

But I think the absolute thing that swung it for me was the animals, OMG the place we ended up going with had 2 rats, 2 chickens, 4 baby chickens, 1 bunny and a puppy! Yeo they have a bloody puppy now it doesn’t go all the time because it chases the bunny so they give the bunny a break from it lol. But seriously that’s the kind of kindy I want my kid at it’s kind of like a country kindy in town which is a win win in my books.

We are all feeling so at ease with our decision and I cannot wait for Rocky to start this new adventure I know he will love it and I know they will love him, I’m that annoying mum like I just can’t wait to get involved and offer to help out and meet the other mums and yarn to the teachers and just go the whole hog really.

I’ve put together a wee list of things I looked for or asked.

  • Rocky still has a sleep what happens here? He is starting mornings only so I am going to transition him out of his naps for when he starts full days (till 2.30pm) but they were super good and said they do have stretchers so if he’s tired they will rest him but not many children sleep.
  • Photo’s what is their policy around taking photo’s at the kindy? They do a full parent initiation which I love because there’s always those things you forget to ask so they do this and it covers everything. However they are sweet with pictures and I never post other kids without the parents approval so common sense prevails.
  • Toileting what stage does Rocky need to be at to start at kindy? He is fully toilet trained but sometimes need help with things like wiping or he gets his pants stuck ha, again they were so good and that is not a problem we are also working on the wiping because I told him kids wipe their own bums at kindy lol.
  • What is the daily structure like? You know your kid best so this one will help you determine if that’s the right place for him or her, this kindy has a group time three mornings a week so they still have that little bit of structure and routine but it’s not all the bloody time which suits old mate Rocky. They also do shared morning Kai and then eat lunch together.
  • When can they start and what availability do they have? Erm super important they could have a long waiting list or they could only have full days when you want half or half when you want full. Don’t be deterred thought kids come and go all the time so things might work out quicker than thought.

Truth is I’m not a question asker I was happy with the place and so was Jared and Rocky so I didn’t really have many questions to ask, if something arises I’ll call but I’m so happy with going on my gut instinct.

I cannot wait to start the next chapter with Rocky but please if you are reading this and going oh I know that kindy in Christchurch don’t comment I go to great efforts to make sure personal details like that aren’t shared about the kids because you never know on the internet and I think it’s a massive part in keeping them safe, I’m more than happy for you to message though if your kid goes there or whatever.

B xx