Do you take me time? Like real me time where you just sit the fuck down with no kid and watch some good shit on TV? Or are you one of the extra lucky ones that gets an actual more than a preschool day break from your kids?! Does me time scare you or do you think you just can’t squeeze it in? Well baby mama’s let me tell you how you can make me time work for you! Ok so I know this is starting to sound like an infomercial but it’s not and it if was it would be an ad for the best thing money could buy.

I take me time very seriously and I take it often, I totally get that I’m lucky to be in a position when I can actually just run away from my children for more than 24 hours on a pretty frequent basis but I also know that it’s not always that easy so I am going to share with you my top tips for squeezing in some me time and how to work the system a little bit! I’m really good at working a few systems haha.

Before we get started though I’m going to tell you about me time and why I think it’s so bloody important and also why I think we should cut ourselves more slack when it comes to some alone time just me mama and I. I know so many people that don’t take time away for just them, I have friends that don’t enjoy being away from their kids, I have friends who bloody love it but just can’t fit it in and I have friends who will be reading this going stop writing about why it’s important we all know it’s more important, just hurry up and tell me how! We need me time, I need me time I know people will say we shouldn’t need to be away from our kids or that we shouldn’t enjoy being away from our kids but this blog isn’t for those people it’s not for the Graces it’s for the Rebecca’s (shit I love those references) this is for the mum’s who love their kids more than anything in the whole wide world but still need a god damn break from them every now and then. I am so fortunate that my work allows me to travel, yes most of the time it’s with the kid’s but also a lot of the time it’s solo baby and it’s amazing.

The thing is us mums are go go go and we need to re charge, I am such a firm believer in leaving my kids for an hour or for a week, for me I see the benefits for both me and them. I have amazing parents we all know that (thanks mum and dad) and I also have a great hubby who might complain and be forced into it a little but he is 100% capable of solo parenting the Tamariki when I am away, these kids love their time away from me yeah it might get hard towards the end if it’s been a week but they get that bonding time with dad which is so cool, I am their main squeeze I work from home and Jared works awkward shift work which means some days it’s hard for him to even get in an hour with the kids so how wicked is it that he gets that one on one time with them when I’m off getting some sleep and peace and probably a beer or two. I know someone’s reading this thinking bitch you had kids now look after them but don’t get your knickers in a twist I am not saying go out every weekend and just rely on people to babysit or palm your kids off every day, I’m just saying it’s ok to spend some time with mates, alone or even with the hubby.

For us we work better this way, I get frustrated with the kids, I get growly and I get yelly I never thought I would be a yelly parent but sleep deprivation messes with you and so does all the other emotions that come with parenting so I take time out, I run at any opportunity of freedom I get and I’m all for it, don’t feel bad about looking after yourself and taking time for you if you get the chance enjoy it and when you get back to your babies you will be refreshed and ready to go!

Just last month I was able to take a hop and a skip over the ditch to head to a Netflix event appropriately named “Me Time” and the inspiration behind this post it was the best on so many levels starting right from when I got out of that taxi at the airport and just wandered on through customs I didn’t once worry about what the toddler had stashed in my bag that they might find or have to yell at a kid to not touch that bottle of vodka on the way through duty free it was airport bliss and then do you know what it got better! I watched a movie and a half on the plane and then I napped for 30 minutes and the 30-minute nap was because I only wanted a 30-minute nap not because I only got 30 minutes in between a kid needing to go to the toilet and another kid trying to strangle the passenger in front of us it was BLISS. Melbourne was obviously amazing I didn’t complain once about standing in front a of a graffiti wall while I got my picture taken like my kids would have and I did not have to worry once about where we were eating or who had to take a nap (apart from me, I took a nap wohooo). Traveling without kids is the best Me Time but it’s not that practical for most of us, me included so here are some more user friendly suggestions.

This is my list of Me Time opportunity’s you might be missing, it could be as easy as skipping the house work at least one day a week and watching Orange is the new black on Netflix, seriously mates it’s called balance the house work doesn’t have to be done every day if your Riverdale obsession is up to date.

  • Nap time Me Time.
  • Kindy Me Time.
  • Thank god they’re in bed me time.
  • Baby Sitter for an evening Me Time
  • Staying at the Grandparents for the weekend Me Time.
  • Mums out laters dad you’re in charge Me Time.

My top activities for Nap and Kindy time.

  • Bake my brownie (recipe here)
  • Eat food in peace
  • Shit in peace
  • Wash your hair
  • Catch up on Netflix

My top activities to do in thank god they are in bed me time.

  • Bake my brownie (recipe here).
  • Drink a bottle of wine.
  • Drink a box of beer.
  • Binge watch Netflix and ignore life.
  • Do all above whilst sitting in the bath.

My top activities for Baby sitter for the evening and staying at the grandparents me time.

  • Bake my brownie (recipe here)
  • Drink a bottle of wine.
  • Drink a box of beer.
  • Fight with baby daddy about what you’ll get/go for dinner.
  • Trump baby daddy and order pizza or go out for dinner budget dependent.
  • Fight with the baby daddy about what to watch on Netflix.
  • Decide that you should watch your own things on Netflix in separate rooms.
  • Sleep, do not have sex you should 100% sleep.

My top activities for Mum’s out laters dad you’re in charge me time.

  • Get the fuck out of town.
  • Drink a bottle of wine.
  • Drink a box of beer.
  • Eat good food.
  • Sleep a lot.
  • Watch a lot of Netflix.
  • Nap.
  • Go to the toilet on your own.
  • Take a shower on your own.
  • Talk all night with you best pals.
  • Miss your kids.
  • Facetime your kids.
  • Repeat.

My top picks for Netflix Me Time shows.

  • Jane the virgin
  • Riverdale
  • Kimmy Schmidt
  • Girl Boss
  • Dont trust the B in apartment 23

Whether you get five minutes to shower or shit on your own or whether you get that week in paradise take that time and enjoy it, the kids will be fine, you will be fine seriously everything will be fine just let go and relax basking in that me time glory.

If this all sounds like a bit of you I’m seriously working on some mum retreats babes.

B xx