It's mum's day yo so I thought I'd grab some of my fave mums from around the internet and all ask them two questions, the same questions for all of them to see how we all do this mum thing.

Meet Pauline, mum of six and my mama bear. You all know her pretty well already so I don’t need to give a huge intro but she is the greatest mum in the whole wide world and I’m so lucky she’s mine, she is not only an ultimate mum but she is the best nana and what she does for us is more than we could have ever dreamed of, we hit the fucking jackpot with her.

 Tell me something about motherhood, your mum being a mum what it means to you, literally anything just write whatever you want down.

 Being a mother is the greatest job in the world. Helping my children thru all the things life throws them, raising my children to be the best they can be to grow into independent adults and always being there. Being a mother is giving unconditional love. 

Advice for another mum.

 Always listen to both sides of the story, treat all children equally and fairly.

Pauline is @nana_of_ig

Meet Lucy ultimate mum of two and the sassiest business woman I know, Lucy lives in Mount Maunganui with her husband Hayden and two boys Mickey Memphis (3) and Dusty (4 months). Not only is she the best mum but they also have two family businesses, Fenton Building and Louisiana Lucy, I love Lucy and feel so truly lucky to have her in my life. Again we met on the internet when our boys were young and since then we have gone through it all from toilet training to sleep struggles to transitioning to a bed and every little midnight text in between, she is one of a kind and a total bad ass mama.

Our family is Me, my husband Hayden and our two boys Mickey Memphis (3) and Dusty (4 months). We live in Mount Maunganui and own two family businesses, Fenton Building and Louisiana Lucy.

Tell me something about motherhood, your mum being a mum what it means to you, literally anything just write whatever you want down.

Motherhood is a mind fuck. I try not to gloss over how bloody hard the whole thing is. Some days I nail motherhood, but they are few and far between. In reality, I feel like I am scraping at the bottom of the barrel to divide my time between work and being a mum, and struggling to get dinner up on time. But at the end of each day, when I put my kids to bed, I tell them how utterly grateful I am to have them and I let them know (well I let Mickey know, Dusty doesn't have any idea what I am saying) how special they are, and how lucky I am to have them. I never really knew what life had in store for me, but I always knew I wanted to be a mum, and when I look at their grubby little faces every day, no matter how hard the day is, I can't think of a better word than how grateful I am. 

Advice for another mum.

Let it go. If your kid ends up eating crackers for dinner, or looses the plot in public, or isn't sleeping, it is not the end of the world. Life is so short and your kids are only little for so long, so just roll with it and appreciate the fact you are all happy and healthy and get to wake up every day together. Just love them hard. And if you are a working mum, and struggling to make it all work, just keep the mantra going in your head that you are doing the best you can. I want my boys to know what a strong, successful woman looks like, so when the guilts kick in, when I need to work, I just remind myself of that.

Lucy is @louisianalucy and website is

Meet Sophie new mum to Malo who is four months old, Soph is not only a dope mum but also one of my best friends who I have been friends with since high school, yep we have literally been through it all. She lives in Taranaki with her partner Kyle, baby Malo and dog Boogie. Soph is an amazing person with the greatest heart who is such a great Mother, I admire her in so many ways especially the way she has dealt with being a first time mum. Sophie is a qualified yoga instructor which has never rubbed off on me surprisingly haha, I am so proud to be her gal pal and have Malo to grow up with Rocky and Ruby.

Tell me something about motherhood, your mum being a mum what it means to you, literally anything just write whatever you want down.

So far being a mother has been the most challenging yet rewarding experience. I think most mothers will agree that nothing can quite prepare you for it. Being exhausted pretty much 24 7 is hard haha but when my little guy looks at me with those loving eyes, or his goofy smile I have an instant burst of energy and adoration for him. Being a mother to me is the most important job in the world. It's a job that is tough. I often find myself going for walks, and spinning a yarn to random people for probably way too long. My neighbours either think I'm super friendly or super crazy haha.

 Any advice for a new mama?

 A good friend told me early on not to get too caught up in their 'routines' because if they are tired they will sleep. I think that was the best advice anyone has given me because for someone who likes to keep active, and not stay at home all day every day this has worked quite well for us. Quite often Malo will sleep in the pram, or in the car and it still means we can continue to do the things we are passionate about. It's a job that I love and I couldn't imagine it any other way. Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mum's out there! Remain calm, you're doing an amazing job xx

Sophie is @sophiesassman

 Meet Clare mum of four and owner of a cool store Hello Darling in Silverdale, Clare is someone I admire greatly she is not only on the nicest people I have met but she is the mum I want to be. Clare lifts her children up, she adores them and her grandchildren and she is one bloody great mama, I love positive people and Clare is beautifully positive I often find myself on her page looking for inspiration in quotes or captions.

 Tell me something about motherhood, your mum being a mum what it means to you, literally anything just write whatever you want down.

 I always wanted to be a mum. When I was young my goal in life was to have 10 kids and - funny story, when my husband got his vasectomy after we had finished having our four children the doctor performing it came and asked me if I was sure because he had known me most of my life! Being a mother is what defines me, I love being a mum. I'm so proud of my children and the adults they have become.  Raising four children was hard. Some days, some weeks, some months I was a total mess, exhausted, grumpy and not a lot of self-love. Looking back now I wonder how I did it.  My husband always worked long hours so there wasn't a lot of help back then but he is the most amazing father and probably my kids favourite person and definitely the favourite grandparent. Sucks for me. 

It was totally worth the hard work, our children still like us, they holiday with us, we see them all the time, they still enjoy our company, we are so very lucky. 

Any advice for a new mama?

I see a lot of mums now enjoying motherhood more than I did and I'm jealous of that. Two of my girls are now mums and they are already better parents than I ever was.  I wish I had spent more time playing with my kids than worrying about the laundry or the housework and I wish I hadn't always been so worried about justifying my time. 

The good thing about being older is you don't really give a shit about what people think about you and I like myself a lot better now. I actually take time to be grateful for those people who choose to be in my life. I didn't expect a lot from my children, I only wanted them to be good people and happy people, to not think they were better than anyone else and to always be kind. There was never any pressure in our household for them to succeed it's just a huge bonus that they all have! I think the best thing you can give your children is time. I hope that my children are happy with their childhoods, I did the best I could and I hope it was enough. 

It's the only thing I want to be remembered for - That I was a good mum.

Clare is @clarechapmanxx and her store is @hellodarlingnz

Jemma is another internet friend she is so genuinely beautiful inside and out and has such a passion for supporting mums, Jemma has just set up the village which is creating a space for mums to be mums and lift each other up. Jemma is married to Luther and have 4 beautiful babes together; Isla (7 y/o), Walter (5 y/o), Bo (2 y/o) and Luka (2 months). Luther work full time and Jemma is a stay at home mum, she has done the full time work thing juggling three kids in school or childcare but their eldest son has autism (asd) and a few things happened that required her to resign and care for him fulltime; after finding staying home hard at first she grew to love it and when she saw how quickly their kids were growing it made her want to enjoy every little moment and be around them a whole lot more.

 Tell me something about motherhood, your mum being a mum what it means to you, literally anything just write whatever you want down.

I think Motherhood is very much like a ‘hood’, once you have a baby you just get the baby talk and you understand and appreciate parents and your own parents on a whole new level, for me my life came full circle once our first child was born, I had something that was 100% mine and nobody could take it away from me, she was exactly what my heart and soul needed. Growing up my Mum was the most hands on and loving Mother, she devoted herself 100% to us and forgot about herself, during the start of high-school my parents split and my Mum started doing a lot of things for herself which pissed me off, she wasn’t there for me like she was before; in hindsight she needed to do that, she deserved to nurture herself as much as she did us. We have a great relationship, it has its moments but she’s always given me the freedom to grow into a Mother in my own way, she’s never told me how to do this or that and for that I am grateful. What it means to me, for me it’s nurturing, I take it pretty seriously. One thing I love about being a Mother is how fast my children are to forgive me just because I hold that title, I can be in a grumpy mood and snap at them and then apologize and they say ‘that’s ok Mum’ there are no conditions to a child’s love, we can learn so much from them.

Any advice for a new mama?

Take one day at a time, make each moment and day a good one, undoubtedly there will be challenging days but tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start.

Also every situation is a lot easier if you start it with a good attitude.

Jemma is @thevilllagenz and her website is here