Next week the sprogs and I are off to Auckland to get our fashion on, Rocky and Ruby are going in NZFW but Ruby can’t walk which means that I’m going in Fashion Week too bitches!! It’s kind of a big deal mates, now I get it I’m really going to have to prove myself like I didn’t get scouted at a McDonalds whilst I was shoving my face with a big mac but my mate Lucy obvs saw the potential and was all fine you can walk Ruby if you do a blog post about me. Ha that’s not really how it went down but either way I’m in! Have you seen those pictures of Miranda Kerr breastfeeding Flynn at the Victoria's Secret shows, she’s like glam as fuck in her white satin robe and he’s all perfect and cute welllllll that’ll be me apart from Ruby self-weaned about two weeks too early for this to actually happen and my robes covered in marmite toast.

Believe it or not this post isn’t actually about me or Miranda Kerr well it’s not actually about Rocky or Ruby either it’s about my mate Lucy and her flock of little horrors, I’m going to spin a yarn (it’s merino get it) and you guys are going to enter to win an amazing prize. I’ll try my hardest to only talk about LFOH but if I slip in my model status I just couldn’t help it kapesh.

I stumbled across Little Flock of Horrors a wee while ago now, I was knocked up and like argh times going to fast I’m going to have this baby and I’m soooooo un organised wahhhh and then I got this DM from Lucy who is LFOH and she’s all yo mate did you need a capsule I’ve got one I’d love to give you. It was kind of strange I’d never met her and barely communicated with her but here she was out of the blue offering up a free capsule, I had hired one so I was like shit yeah I’ll take it and cancelled the one I had ready to hire. That was a random story I know but it’s an essential party of my LFOH story because Lucy the random capsule giving away lady has since that day been one of my most amazing best friend who would literally give you anything, she is so kind and generous not only did a capsule arrive on our doorstep via courier but so did our first ever LFOH merino pieces. Oh and then Rocky won a competiton to be a midel for LFOH and thast basically where he learnt his diva ways and decided he was destined for greater things ie NYC lol, as you can see above he nailed it.. NOT he was feral but LFOH is all about imbracing the feral yo.

Now merino is everything here I’m such a massive fan and are well aware of the benefits of having our babes in merino so to actually find a brand that makes bloody great looking clothes but also have then available in merino was like a OMG moment, both Rocky and Ruby have at least a layer of merino on them all winter and spring but they will also wear the odd thing in summer too because FACT merino can be worn all year round and is ideal for cooler summer days because it breathes and regulates temperature for the monster wearing it. Trust me if you are a merino lover you will be obsessed with the styles available from the LFOH team, this is the first winter we have actually worn it to death so here’s some of our fave things;

One of our fave collections with the Reeve nuggets, Oscar and Hunter IG @annareeve_

THE SLASHERS - I should say I never though Rocky at almost three would be wearing merino tights on the outside not just as a base layer under his Pop Factory trackies. But he wears them as pants all the bloody time and looks fucking fab, there is nothing lame about the merino tights produced by LFOH first of all, the slasher legging erm so bloody cool! They are all designed to be a bit more roomie in the butt/crotch area which makes an undie wearing toddler be able to pull them off like it’s no bodies business. They are two tone so a base colour and then the slasher colour which peeps through the slash over the knees, these are the business and I am beyond obsessed with them for both Rocky and Ruby.

THE FLEECE TRACKIES – Nothing compares to these bad boys seriously guys, merino amazingness with a thick fleece merino. Aha merino comes in a fleece yo and it doesn’t gte better than these drop crotch, tapered leg ridiculously dope track pants, we tell everyone to buy these purely because they have blown my mind I had no idea that you could get the softest fleece made from 100% merino. Yep your welcome mates now Buy these now they will change your life.

THE FLEECE CREWS – I hate the word fleece it reminds me of polar fleece which I despise because it does nothing but keep kids sweaty and clammy but these are basically everything I described above but in a super well designed great fitting crew neck might I add that they collab with some super cool people to come up with the raddest designs.

PIJAMAS – We stayed with Lucy and her crazy cool family recently and before I knew it both kids were in brand new merino PJ’s all ready for bed but we also left with another three pairs for Rocky as he was really deprived apparently ha I was not going to argue. This is the clincher guys they can be worn as a base layer, they can be worn as pants, they can be worn as tops and they can be worn as a set like there is no limitations nothing about the scream I’m wearing my PJ’s at preschool. We will not look back for a few reason but the main one is the fact that they breathe in winter both Rocky and Ruby wear a layer of merino to bed, Ruby always has a merino body suit on and Rocky always a merino long sleeve once again the benefits of putting your kids in merino especially at night time is a no brainer. Do your kids wake up a hot mess? It’s probably because the flannelette or synthetic fibres they are wearing doesn’t allow any air ventilation or release of moisture so they just sweet up a mini storm, try merino you never know it might even make your kid sleep longer because they are more comfortable and don’t wake up in a sweaty panic.

EVERTHING ELSE – Yep so that was a limited selection of our faves mainly because I just realised I could have gone on and on and on and no body’s got time for that so I stopped and decided to instead just write everything to cover my basis and emphasis on how much we love the whole range, also you know when people write stuff but haven’t actually seen the whole range well I have so I am well equipped to say I LOVE everything in the LFOH world including the owners. When we stay with our mates we sleep in the spare bedroom more commonly known as the stock room so I get to sneak peek and browse it all and I have never ever been disappointed actually I probably fall more in more in love every time they come out with something new.

So I think we have established I’m a fan so now let me introduce to you my mate Lucy, I’ve asked her a few questions about LFOH so sit tight there’s something really cool when you get to the end!

Tell us about LFOH..

Why merino 

I was such a clueless Mum when I had my first kid, Iggy, back in 2009.  I was so wrapped up with him wearing “cool” clothes that I didn’t pay attention to what those clothes were actually made from.  I had no idea that babies can’t actually regulate their body temperature until they’re about 18 months old.  So unlike us, their little bodies can’t sweat to release excess heat and it took a gnarly febrile convulsion that he suffered when he was 8 months old for me to realise that next-to-skin fabrics are so important.  A febrile convulsion is really scary; Iggy’s eyes rolled back in his head, he started foaming at the mouth and his tiny body started shaking and convulsing.  He was completely unresponsive and had to be taken to hospital for monitoring.  All this happened because he had an ear infection and because his body couldn’t regulate his temperature properly it rose so fast that he had a seizure.  After that happened I started looking on forums and researching and found that merino is really awesome, we think it’s the best fabric ever, and that it can heat when babies are cold or release heat when babies get too hot.  I started sewing clothes for him when he was less than a year old, and then when my daughter Frankie came along 8 months later, decided to take the concept seriously and start a business.    

Where do you draw inspiration

LFOH will always be inspired by my little monsters, Iggy and Frankie, and our daily balance of horror and joy we move through with them.  My two are just 18 months apart so it’s safe to say that there were some really dark days back when they were smaller, but without them there wouldn’t be LFOH.  The “Horror” in LFOH comes from Frankie, she was pretty much 98% hideous from the time she was born until about she was about 4 years old.  In terms of collection inspiration, I tend to get fixated on a kernel of an idea and then it spreads into a fully fledged campaign direction.  Little Flock of Horrors isn’t about pink cupcakes with sprinkles or dinosaurs riding bikes.  Kids can be monstrous, and we totally embrace it.  Our collections are made up of hand-drawn elements mixed with rich colour pallet of brights and monochrome shades and mashed with our signature colour blocking.  

Where to next for LFOH

That’s a great question.  I’d love for LFOH to keep slaying it in the merino space, making merino clothes that Mums and Dads actually want their kids to wear after they change out of their pjs.  We added 100% merino sweatshirts to our collection this season so want to keep playing with that fabric and trying it in other styles.  We also want to introduce allover prints, and extend the sizing on some of our most popular styles all the way up to 6-7 years.

Inside deets on NZFW….

Our fashion week set is debuting our 2017 line, so much newness and cool I can’t contain myself.  You’ll be able to see a ton of new styles, prints and colourways and Buggy will be wearing my favourite ever style, the Pixie Dress.  I can’t wait to see Rocky and Ruby slay in in their outfit changes and Anna will be walking with Oscar and Hunter so keep an eye out for them.  The collection is so on-point, our music is awesome and I’m expecting it to be about 85% craziness, 15% organised.  But that’s pretty much how LFOH rolls :)

Now want to win some epic shit keep reading because I have a double pass to come along and watch the kids fashion show at NZFW (this pass is for the weekend and also gets you access to the designer sale and beauty hub) and also a $200.00 LFOH voucher!! Yaha you totally read that right what a prize right, so to enter you need to find the original post on IG and or FB tag a mate or 50 because each new tag is a new entry then share some love by giving us both a like and wham bam thank you man you’re in the draw also you don’t have to be in Auckland to win we are more than happy for you to claim the voucher then give a mate the double pass (don’t be a dick and just not use it) drawn Monday 22nd Ausgust.

T&Cs Must be NZ resident, must use double pass to NZFW either yourself or gifted to someone, this competition is not endorsed by FB or IG, you must be following both Rocky and Ruby and LFOH I will check you sneaky buggers good luck and get tagging!

Plus use code WEEKEND to get 10% off tickets click here for ticket info

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B xx