Bag Rider

We got sent this bloody fantastic product last year and I figured it was time to really give it the credit it deserves plus I am always getting messages about it so if I write it down and it’s all in the one place then it’s easy for everyone right!

It’s called the Bag Rider and it’s by Mountain Buggy.

It’s weird I’ll be the first to admit that ha it’s like a bag that fits in carry on but it transforms into a strollery thing and it keeps your kid leash free in the airport. We have used ours so many times and not once have I used it where people haven’t been all oh wow what is that?! My mum always jokes that we need business cards for when we are out without Mountain Buggy products because that many people stop us especially with our two odd looking ones the uni rider and the bag rider. When I received the information about the bag rider in my head I did not picture what I received but shit this thing is way better than I could have ever imagined!

My first thought was oh it goes like that cool! I think I expected it to be more trunky like your id would sit on it and you would pull them or something? I don’t really know that I thought but it wasn’t what I got, totally not a bad thing though. I’m not going to lie after trying it out I was a little worried about what it weighed like there is obviously mechanical things inside it that turn it from a carry on suit case to a stroller thing and that weighs a bit so I was worried that I wouldn’t actually be able to fit that much stuff in it. It’s carry on so I guess it doesn’t really matter like how much carry on ae you taking? And I have had no issues with it just don’t expect to pack a whole bunch of crap in it because it might not fit, we actually use it to store our car seat accessories so pretty much every time we travel we take our two car seats with us and they have attachments that also must come but we found it super annoying because A- we were already packed pretty tightly by the time we got to the airport and had to take out the car seats so this left little room for the car seat bits to go, seriously every trip before the bag rider we were scrambling to get the things to fit somewhere so now I leave the back rider empty for the bits to go in last minute including sun shades and pram accessories Like the Nano wheels it is PERFECT for the Nano wheelsB- Car seats are the first thing that need un packing at the other end so trust me when I say it is way less stressful when you know exactly where the things you need are and you have them with you the whole time. I think because it goes in the overhead I prefer to have the must have items like snacks and toys and bibs and the 20 packs of wipes you need on a plane in the easy to grab back pack under the seat.

Trust me when you travel with kids it’s always good to have somewhere to stuff the last minute shit I forgot to pack.

You will get everyone from flight crews to grandmas asking what this thing is and where they get one, my fave is probably the mothers that say I would have killed for one of those when I would travel with Billy and Simon when they were children in the bloody 50s. You are celebrity status and when people don’t come up to you and say something like normal human beings they will just stare at you awkwardly so you kind of smile and they just look and you do that little wave like do I know you and then they still stare and then you are like shit do I have something on my face but then you realise it’s because your kid is strapped into a weird but amazing stroller bag thing, oh and the last thing is the whisperers they are the ones that smile excitedly and then they grab at their travel companions arm and they are all what and then they both smile and go on to discuss the genius product.

Ok so the actual product jeez B quit talking about the attention (obvs I love it), ok so its fairly simple to work you pull up the hand thing you know that normal suit cases have and then you turn a knob to make the extra leg thing come out and then you lock it because we are safety conscious and what not and then you whip out the padded crotch buckle that hang out just inside the zipper of that bag and then you slide on the back thing that has the straps on it and then just strap the little sucker in and wham bam thank you mam you are ready to roll (literally). That was a terrible explanation and now that I think about it I should have made a video but I didn’t so I’ll whip something up tomorrow which would have been like a week ago by the time I post this and that will explain it all to you way better than what I just did with my word vomit.


  • Age range – 9 Months to 3 years - So Ruby first went in this when we were in Fiji last September she would have been 10ish months and it was perfect for her however she was the lighter of the two children I had to take so she went in the Juno and Rocky was on the Bag Rider but now they literally fight over it and Rocky still very comfortably fits on it, the only thing is he is a bit harder to push but I am totally confident it holds his weight etc.
  • Product weight -5kg - So you can see here what I mean about the weight, it does weigh 5kg and carry on is normally only 7kg but seriously who has ever actually been checked especially with a cute babe in tow.
  • Max load -15kg (this is the weight of the kid actually on the Bag Rider) -  This is probably Rocky’s weight I don’t actually know I’ll weigh him tomorrow and let you know so if your reading this and I haven’t let you know it’s because I forgot because I’m tired and my kid wont sleep just let me know ok ha. I think in my personal opinion the weight limit is for safety and liability and what not I would actually keep Rocky on this till he’s a moody teenager and I don’t want him running off after a girl from Tahiti, jokes obvs that’s not actually going to happen but while it feels ok with his weight I’m happy to let him hitch the odd ride and Ruby well she will probably still be on this as a tween she’s so bloody tiny.
  • Dimensions - 520mm (h) x 380mm (w) x 260mm (d) 20in x 15in x 10in
  • Volume of the suitcase - 35L - Seriously it fits in the carry on box/template thing at the airport so that’s all you need to know, don’t get out the tape measure.

Ok so that was for the people who like the facts now I will continue yarning for a bit longer.

We prefer to use it right up to boarding and then carrying the babe or letting them run wild down the gangway thing mainly because I am unco as hell and I don’t want to be holding people up when I’m at my seat also with two kids going crazy but I have seen pictures of it used right up to the airplane seat and it looks totally fine for a normal person. It’s super simple to use but you will need to pack it up to get through the security bit which is sweet you just chick the kid off pack it down and then pop it through the x-ray.

We have taken ours on multiple trips to the north island, Fiji and to Sydney it is a game changer I travel way more confidently through the airport and when your running late which we always are you just wheel that baby past people right to the gate, plus your kind of cooler with the bag rider so they let you off way easier!

To put it into perspective with how easy it really is Jared has taken it on two trips with just him and the kids flying solo which is a big deal he is a total stressor like the most stress person in the world and on both occasions we were running so late so they had to literally boost it to their gate after final calls and trust me it is a lot easier to do that when you can whip one up in the Juno and strap the other into a suitcase stroller aka the bag rider and run as fast as you can through the departure lounge, it also helps that you’re a hot dad with two incredibly cute kids and you’re probably going to encounter an airline employee who will take pity on you and your perfectly chiseled arms wrapped around a perfectly breed child. Any who if he can get through almost missing a plane with two kids crying for mum who is blissfully drinking a cocktail all ready and still get the bag rider folded up and stowed away then anyone can use it!

It’s safe to say my verdict on the bag rider is that it is Fan bloody tastic and anyone travelling with a young child should 100% invest in one! They are available online here or you can check for a stockist near you to try it out.

You will not regret this.

It is amazing.

Buy it now.

B xx