I’m just putting it out there the last six months of my life has been consumed by weddings and weddings and more weddings, naturally the only things that I’ve been watching is re runs of say yes to the dress on TLC but my dad he’s a new found Netflix addict and so I’m handing over the reins to him.

But first.

Here you have it folks my dad’s top picks on Netflix, keep in mind he’s a 60 something year old man buttttt he watches some good shit well it’s like old man level good shit. Have you thought about your parents? Are they on the big wide web? Do they use the www? Because if they aren’t netflixing they should be, so I suggest you help a brother out or in this case help a parent out and get them onto Netflix.

Do the in-laws bug the shit out of you? Always popping around with that key that they swear you gave them way back but you really don’t remember and are pretty convinced they got it cut themselves just to be nosey as hell. This is your chance to spread your wings, your chance to have sex on the kitchen table without the worry of hearing that key turn and your mother in law having a heart attack because you have exposed her to you in all your glory bent over a table with her darling baby boy having his way with you, yep ya’ll need to buy them a Netflix subscription and well you might only have to deal with them once a year at Christmas and apart from that it’ll be like they moved towns.

It will be bliss yo.

Once you have set them up here is what you should suggest they watch (descriptions by myself I should work for IMDB right?!).

  • The Crown – Self explanatory it’s about the queen dahh.
  • House of cards – Political series, he watched this after someone recommended it to really understand the Trump vs Hillary sitcho.
  • Making a Murderer – You will not here from them until they have finished this and then they will be calling all like how do I get on this google I must google Steven Avery?! lol
  • The Girl with the dragon tattoo – The girl who played with fire – The Girl who kicked the hornets’ nest – Originally a series of books the three all intertwine and would be put in the crime/thriller category best suited for anyone who loves a good mystery according to father.
  • City of God – Drug trafficking always a good insight for the oldies.
  • Chapel: el escape del siglo – That guys he said you know that one that build the tunnel he was a drugs man.
  • Holy Hell – A cult documentary, we both love a good cult investigation so I have added this to my must watch list he said it was great.
  • The big short – Wall street type yano corruption type movie bloody good.

So that about it folks that’s my old peoples wrap up on what’s good on Netflix! Dad was stoked to feature and I was stoked because I got to take the piss about things, win win really! No but seriously next gift for the older person in your life that has everything get them Netflix it is a game changer.

Finishing quote’s from Pete

  •    “I really love how it just memorises where you’re at so you can just pick it up where you want”
  • “even from where I started there is so much to choose from I just want to get this house of cards finished so I     can continue watching stuff”
  • “I’ve even hooked up the HDMI in our room so I can watch it when you’re watching stupid shit out here”

B xx