Meet Audrey

Hello Audrey is a caravan bar and if you haven't come across one similar during your endless nights of pinteresting then you must be living under a lame ass boring wedding rock (or you have a super super cool venue and dont need a caravan bar lol), she is seriously the absolute most perfect addition to your wedding. I found Audrey and her owner Justine when I was trawling the net for something different for our January wedding in Taranaki, it was love at first sight and I just needed to share her with you all. Justine doesn't just own this super cool caravan but she also has a wealth of knowledge in the wedding industry so I asked her a few questions about everything wedding and of course everything Audrey.

Tell us a bit about your self,

I am a Mummy to one gorgeous little 5yr old boy Aiden & wife to lovely Canadian husband of 14yrs, Bill. We got married twice, once in Canada and once in NZ so I have done my fair share of wedding planning!We lived in Canada for 7 yrs together, then moved to Auckland in 2006. Four years ago we left the big city for a simpler life in Taranaki where Aiden would have room to roam. We wanted a simpler lifestyle, space, pets and more money in our pockets.  So, we bought a lifestyle block under the mountain and reduced our mortgage by A LOT. Added bonus, we absolutely love it here. I also have a day job as a systems analyst that I am really fortunate to be able to do from home. I have worked for the same company for 15 yrs, the same company I worked for in Canada – only now I do it remotely. I am a total romantic and love weddings & all things pretty. Family is very important to me, as are friends. My boys are the biggest loves of my life, they come first.

How did Audrey get her name?

Audrey is named after Audrey Hepburn. That lady had class! I wanted to name her after a female icon and Audrey Hepburn was the first person I thought of. She was so full of class, elegance and style. She was exactly what I wanted Audrey to be and so it stuck. I can’t imagine anything else now

Tell us about Audrey, we want to know her story?

I own a cake business called Delish Cakes & Cupcakes. About 2 years ago, we were doing lots of markets, selling around 300-400 cupcakes per market.  The work involved in transporting all our market wares alone was huge, so I had the idea I wanted a caravan that I could use to sell out of. Hubby was on board so we began the search for the perfect caravan. After stalking trade me for months and months, I found Audrey. She was the perfect shape, a 1970 Zephyr. She lived in Wellington and was owned by a small family who holidayed happily in her.  I drove down from Taranaki and decided instantly she was the one.  Several weeks later we drove back to pick her up and bring her home. That was December 2014. As we began the design phase (a fancy way of describing me with umpteen scraps of paper with bad sketches drawn all over them) The focus slowly started to shift as more and more I thought how cool this would be for weddings.  You should know, I LOVE weddings. I was already part of the wedding industry in Taranaki from my wedding cakes, and really loved it. Especially in Taranaki where the wedding industry is a real community.  We made the call that this was no longer a cupcake caravan, but a caravan bar that we could also use for markets if we wanted to.  This changed everything - especially the colour & the interior layout. My husband got to work on the demolition stage (nervous time!) and we enlisted a local builder to do the work.  Several things were very clear to me from the start. Firstly, we were going to start from SCRATCH. That meant gutting everything, even the floor, and rebuild everything piece by piece. Secondly, I wanted her to be NZ made. Kiwi caravans are classic and sacred - I didn’t want cheap imported products, I wanted her to be crafted by hand from local people and products. Doing this meant the budget doubled, but I really feel like it was worth it and that you can tell in looking at her. If this was to be something really special, then time and care needed to be taken. I was so lucky with our builder James, I had a very strong vision for this caravan and he got that, phew!  This was a big job, it took months and months (7 in fact) and we had so many obstacles along the way, sometimes it felt like it was ONLY problems and would never get finished. But in October 2016, finally she was completed. I was crazy in love. She was PERFECT.  We launched in November 2016 and response has been amazing!

Caravan bars are the new must have at weddings, why do you think this is?

There are a few reasons I think. The first is obvious – they look amazing! They bring such a wow factor to a wedding and guests really do love it. There are so many styling options too, so it’s easy to tie them in to your day.  The second is less obvious, but to me it’s the biggest thing - convenience. If you’re getting married at a venue that doesn’t have outdoor facilities, a caravan bar is perfect. It’s actually really practical from that standpoint. We have been to parks, farms, private back yards and professional venues and Audrey has always been a standout feature and so handy to have. There is so much to organize for a wedding, so having one area where you can just be like ‘that’s taken care of, I don’t have to worry about that’, is awesome. We pop up for the day, serve your guests and then leave. There is nothing for you to worry about, what’s not to love? 

What do you love about working with Weddings?

Of course, they are beautiful. I really love all the pretty things, the dress, the flowers, all the details - but I think the biggest thing for me is being invited to take part. Yes, you are paying for a service, but it is really special to me to have a couple allow you to come to their big day and look after them & their guests. I do not take that lightly.

Five top wedding tips?

Oh goodness!

  1. Have your wedding represent you – there is no standard anymore so add your own creative flair
  2. Don’t get caught up in perfection – its overrated 
  3. Keep it personal – whether you invite 50 or 150 guests, make sure you both know every person there
  4. Be organized - when it comes to organizing, lists are your friend (so are wedding planners!). There are some great guides online for what you need to organize when, so you’re not trying to do everything all at once
  5. On the Day – RELAX. Enjoy it, savour it!

Favourite wedding theme?

I don’t know that I have a favourite.  My favourite weddings are always those that are unique and represent the couple. Authenticity!  I do have a weak spot for classic though.  Classic, elegant with a touch rustic

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Audrey is based in Taranaki but can travel xx NOTE Due to venue restrictions we can't actually use Audrey so I need all the future brides of Taranki to book so I can live through your pictures ha xx