Parcel Delivery Mum Hacks

You know when you buy something super sweet online and then you are stalking the courier, but you have kids that need picking up from kindy or whatever, so you leave it till the ultimate last minute before you drive like a mad woman to get there on time? Then you rush home to find in that teeny tiny window you have missed the bloody courier and there is one of those really annoying Cards to Call saying, “Sorry yo, but you’re fat out of luck, we can probably deliver tomorrow or, you’re more than welcome to drive across town and pick it up yourself.”

Argh we have all been there and its really, really annoying right?! Well mates do I have the goods for you right here. I am going to talk you through a few sneaky tricks I have learnt along the way to beat the man in red at his own game. I’m talking about the courier guys not Santa, I have not figured him out yet but will be sure to let you know when I do, plus the courier is like our version of Santa right!

So, without further ado, these are my mum hacks for getting your NZ Post/CourierPost parcel deliveries:

How to stop the courier seeing yourself half dressed with a baby screaming while you are wearing a dressing gown 5x too big and its covered in baby spew and poo.

True story I have opened the door to the courier many a times with a screaming baby in hand. I love the look of fear and awkwardness on their face but it does get tricky when you have to sign! I’m always wearing that dressing gown and sometimes I genuinely don’t know if it’s poop or marmite, so just get your parcel left in a safe spot and you’ll never have to run to the door with a screaming baby on your hip again.

How to stop the courier from accidentally waking up the baby.

When we lived in the North Island the courier would wake Rocky all the time because his room was directly across from the front door. It was a real love hate relationship, the courier was bringing me the coolest things but he woke up the baby and my rule was if you wake the baby you keep the baby, he was never that down on this idea though. Wish I’d used Parcel Leave then, that would have been a god send.

How to stop the dog from eating the courier.

I’m so sorry this is my dog, he has a problem with authority and doesn’t really like men, especially if in high vis or arrives in vans with parcels, but it’s fine because he’s behind a huge gate and I just get my parcels left in the safety zone behind the gate ha.

How to stop your spouse from finding out how much online shopping you really do.

Get your parcel delivered with Parcel Collect. You’re welcome. Seriously when I was a kid I can remember my Mum putting items to the back of the wardrobe, and then she would school us on what to say to my Dad. Ha, like she would wear the new item and my dad would be all, “Oh that’s a nice top is it new?” And she would be like, “Oh this old thing? Nooooo, it’s so old,” and we would chirp up like, “Yeah Dad it’s sooooo old,” and then we would move on with our day. Thinking about it now, I should have demanded payment or something?!

How to get a super expensive parcel delivered without having to worry about it being nicked before you get home.

By getting it delivered to a Parcel Collect location! There’s a bunch of them to choose from, I sometimes use our local post shop or pharmacy, you can find your nearest one here.

How to win at mum life by collecting your courier package and doing your groceries at the same time.

Get your parcels delivered to one of the Parcel Collect locations at your nearest Countdown supermarket. Two birds, one stone yo. Not only do you look like you have your life together being all organised and whatnot, but you also get some alone time at the supermarket.

How to get your last minute online shopping re-directed to another destination.

I am the world’s worst online shopper. I have my eye on stuff for Easter, but I’ll probably order like the Wednesday before, because I get distracted, and the big wide web sucks me in every time I go from one page to the next to the next. Before I know it, I have all these carts filled, but I don’t even remember the reason I was there anyway. And then I’m like “B have you seen your bank account balance?!” and then I sleep on it, and a wee bit later I go back to that original site to complete the purchase that sent me right down that internet shopping rabbit hole. It’s a real rollercoaster mates and I know I’m not the only one stuck in that vicious cycle, ok it’s not that vicious its great but I’m off topic…

I’m trying to say it’s ok to shop online last minute because you can get your parcels redirected to another address or a Parcel Collect location, which might I add are super bloody handy! So we are in Auckland for Easter weekend and I can already tell I will be redirecting parcels that I ordered about 5 minutes before Easter, to my parent’s address. I don’t even tell them there’s stuff coming for me anymore, they just know, like oh yeah here we go again. It’s an Easter miracle, ok that’s a bit far but it’s a bloody Easter life saver for lovers of an disorganised life like yours truly.

How to seriously avoid missing a parcel from your courier.

Easy! Take advantage of the services NZ Post have to offer. When you get your confirmation of shipping from the online store you have purchased from, you just use your NZ Post OR CourierPost tracking number at the NZ Post website, where you will be given the option to leave your parcel. This basically gives your courier driver the authority to leave your parcel in a designated spot on your property, even if it’s a signature required parcel.

When you choose Parcel Redirect you can get your parcel sent to a new address, so your work, or a family members or a mates. To do this, your parcel just needs to still be at the depot and within 75km of the original delivery address.

If you choose to collect your parcel from a Parcel Collect location, you can go and pick up your goods from a participating store that is local to you, there are a bunch of places you can choose from and it’s super handy and convenient.

You will literally never have to receive an annoying Card to Call ever again. These services enable you to fix the problem before there even is one, and let’s be honest when there’s one less thing to worry about in your crazy mum world that’s a bonus! Thanks NZ Post for helping our days run a little smoother.

B xx

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