Do you know what I feel really bloody lucky about? The fact that I lived my life with no pressures from my parents, I never ever felt that what I did wasn’t good enough let’s be honest I wasn’t an over achiever what so ever so I’m not talking about getting Bs when they expected me to get As but I’m talking about when in 7th form I decided not to study a whole lot for my NCEA exams and used to go around saying how God would help a sister out (I probably should have gone to church or something). I was not a great student academically but I was a bloody great time and a good friend and I think I was a fantastic daughter so what was there to be disappointed in right? Obviously there were times when I got into trouble but still I never felt any pressures to be perfect, what the fuck even is perfect?

I often think about the way we will raise Rocky and Ruby mainly when they are older because it can’t be that hard to raise a primary schooler right? I joke I joke it’s probably really bloody hard but it’s when they are teenagers that I really think about how I want us to raise them, it’s going to be interesting I know that now because Jared and I were both raised pretty differently and when we were in high school our parents were probably polar opposites, I like to joke that my parents stopped caring because they had raised five kids between them and I was just the last one that slipped through the cracks haha and I’m not complaining I had the best time in my teenage years. But back to how we will raise them, I think we will disagree on things I just tried to write down what those might be but I couldn’t put my finger on it so maybe we won’t disagree but I know we will because we were raised pretty differently and that’s got to come in to play at some stage and I can only imagine it will be when they are teenagers but maybe I’m wrong and maybe we will be on the same page ah only time will tell I guess.

I was deputy head girl believe it or not, I sucked at it like seriously I was the world’s worst deputy head pupil I was so dark about not getting head girl I kind of gave up and was like I’m not giving you shit (rebel I know) but I kind of just drifted and I never really got into trouble for it? It was kind of weird like I barely went to school and I would turn up to the odd thing in my blazer like how did I not get into serious shit? Hmmm it kind of turned into a bit of a joke which I love to bring up now. I also failed year 13 my homeboy did not come through for me lol but I wasn’t nervous to tell my parents and I 100% never felt like they were disappointed in me and I cannot thank them enough for that. Here’s the thing some kids a good a shit and some kids are good at other shit and some kids are going to end up in jail and some kids are going to do whatever the fuck they want to, I’m aiming for no jail but even good people end up in jail sometimes and we should all remember that. That sentence right there I think sums my parenting up like ideally they won’t end up in jail but if they do let’s hope it’s not for murder or something heinous, I know what you’re thinking jail is jail but sometimes it’s not ok.

When I finished and failed 7th form I didn’t know what to do so I decided to go to makeup school and some parents would be like what kind of a career is that, it’s funny only one person ever made a negative comment on that and it was someone who I will come to learn always has an opinion and its one I don’t care to much about because there will always be someone with an opinion you should not give two flying fucks about. But mama duke and Petey boy were like cool that’s sweet if that’s what you want to do then let’s make this happen, I’m not kidding I have never ever felt like I wasn’t good enough and I cannot thank them enough for that (I say this a lot in this post). I went to makeup school and bless them they supported the shit out of me I graduated and worked hard to get a good job turns out it’s not that easy but I did it and worked successfully in the makeup world until I had Rocky, I working in some great positions with some great pay.

Oh and then I had to tell them I was pregnant and having a termination at the age of 20 and then I had to tell them I was knocked up again but having the babe at the age of 22 and again obvs your nervous but I never ever felt like I would be a disappointment again thanks mum and dad, I remember telling mum first about Rocky and then telling dad funny story so I had wanted to get a bunny or something and they were like you don’t need another thing to look after blah blah blah so when I told dad I was pregnant I was like oh I’ve decided on the pet I’m getting its got two legs and it’ll be ready in nine months ha good one right he worked that out pretty quick.

We have always been able to rely on them right from when I was a babe to when we made stupid decisions and needed to borrow money or I needed the lawns mowed or things fixed or rides anywhere at any time, my parents had a policy where they would pick us up at anytime and anywhere I never hoped in a taxi until I left home because mum or dad would come out and get us at 4am on a Sunday morning no questions asked even if we had school on Monday.

And now here we are me being a blogger and a social media personality I know my parents are my number one supporters I know that they are so proud even though they don’t agree with all my content ok they basically just don’t like when I use the c word and out of respect form them who this whole blog is about them I won’t use it hahaha. They get me and they know me and they are so proud of how I use my platform maybe minus the swearing but they also know that I’m a swearer it’s a thing ok, I used to get so embarrassed when we would go somewhere and they would talk to strangers about what I do like beaming with pride oh she’s on the internet yeah it’s called the Instagram do you know it? I’m over here hiding like yeah mum they’re under 50 and its 2017 of course they know what the Instagram is. But how great is that they actively promote my page like they are constantly saying you need to get cards made so we can hand them out to people haha it’s so great! Obviously we all only want the best for our kids and some kids are academic, some are hands on, some a creative and some are technical we aren’t all the same so let’s just let our kids figure it the fuck out, if they fail its fine support them if they succeed then celebrate with them but maybe take a leave out the dopest parents in the word book. When parents would disapprove my parents are all for it when some parents would count your job being a social media influencer a fail my parents are lie shit yeah girl! And when parents think a B in a test isn’t good enough they need a reality check because my kids can get whatever they want and do whatever they want and I’m A OK with it because no matter what they do if they give it their breast and do it with passion then that’s good enough for us (aye Jared ha).

Thanks mum and dad, we love you so much.

B xx