I’ve never written a book review before but when I was asked to review the new Emily Writes book like shit I was going to say no! I fucking love Emily, like a lot ha well not in a weird creepy way because she said in her book that she has met some weird creepy people online and I’m totes not one of them but in saying that I did message her and offer to do her make up for hew Christchurch book toury thing because well like I said I really fucking like her.

So here goes my book review my very first book review and it’ll be a banger I can promise that and probably not because of my writing but because of Emily’s writing. I’m a long time follower and snigger to my selfer in the middle of the night when I was up feeding my babe and then I’ve also done my fair share of amen sister’s to her, I remember when she announced that she had a book deal and I imagined what her book would be like, I knew it would be good and good it is.

I probably should have looked into what a book review is because this right here that you’re reading it probably isn’t it ha, I legit have never ever read a book review before.

Rants in the dark is the title shit I probably should have put that at the start right? Oh well it’s down here but what a name they say don’t judge a book by the cover but judging this book by the cover it’s a 10/10. It’s not fancy or showy or have to many words it’s just a good old cover with the best tag line I have ever seen “from one tore mama to another”.

Today I’m tired like really tired, this is my third thing I’ve written and my eyes actually hurt they are that tired. There’s the sticker chart thing and then the Ruby not sleeping thing and then the addiction to reality TV (hello MAF and MKR) oh and top of that list is Shameless seriously I have no time to sleep and when I want to sleep my kids tag team it to not let me sleep. Emily gets it she writes with so much Aroha and then there’s that thing you always worry about in mum books you know the J word that nasty little J word that us mums love to throw around.. JUDGE yep judge is the word I’m talking about and let me assure you this book is a judgey mum free zone, apart from if your babies sleep then it’s a free for all no I’m kidding but Emily’s babes don’t sleep they just aren’t sleepers unless they are at their nana’s then they sleep bloody murphy and his law. The thing is we are all mum’s who at one stage or another have had a baby or toddler who just won’t fucking sleep so we get it and she gets it and we seek solace I promise you will find it with Emily.

I cried and then laughed, there were also plenty of amen baby mama’s.

I cried when breast feeding came up, I always cry when breast feeding comes up because breastfeeding was hard and not just oh it hurt hard it was like really really fucking this is the worst thing in the world hard. That might seem dramatic but it’s not I swear that description is what I went through, Emily writes about the support and that support I know all too well I was that mum at the walk in clinic and I was that mum who through clenched teeth cried and cried every time her baby latched on. I remember hearing my baby cry and just dreading feeding the kid, every single time my babe cried for those first three weeks I started to get the sweaty palms and fear in my eyes, it was SHIT.

Emily is my person, she is my kind of mum and she is my spirit animal, can I say that? Too far? Oh well I’m awkward and I love to take things too far with strangers.

I think the part that really sold it for me was when she said that she had made her son Eddie a luncheon sandwich like instead of bread she used luncheon so it was basically three pieces of luncheon together, this moment is what cemented Emily in my wise mum club. I don’t know who else is in it, I just made it up but my mum is def in there and Emily so that’s enough right?

I don’t want to be rambley like I said I’m a book review virgin and I can almost guarantee I won’t be asked to review another book in a hurry so this might be my first and last book review.

I guess I’ll sum it up with Emily is an amazing writer, an amazing mother and an amazing person I heard her speak at her Christchurch book tour and she is a hoot a self-confessed awkward hoot but she is doing big things for mothers all over the world and she is one bad ass babe with a heart of gold. Her book should be given to every mother because if they cut all that new mum bull shit they are fed and just listened to another supportive mama doing her best life might be a bit less stressful.

Emily keep doing you girl you are something special and so is that little Whanau of yours.

Thos is why I'm a terrible book reviewer I didn't even tell you where to buy it! What the shit Rebecca.. So buy it here here here or here

B xx