Meet hannah, creator and owner at Rig Rags.

Her background in early childhood means her products are not only super stylish and affordable but also practical with sensory aspects, they are designed to help your wee babes motor skills develop and last longer than your average teething toys. She's passionate about what she does and fits it all in around her two adorable boys Rigby and Blu. @rig_rags

Hello I'm Hannah I am 26 years old and live in Whangaparaoa, Auckland with my Fiance Mike and two handsome boys Rigby 2.5years old and Blu 9months old. I am a stay at home mum and love to sew for a bit of me time. I have a Bachelor in Early Childhood Education and I was a full time childcare teacher before I had my boys. I love working with children and also creating cute little baby accessories for all to enjoy. I love to socialise and make new friends especially through social media. I have made so many wonderful friends with other mummies who also have their own little handmade business on Facebook too. 

Tell us about Rig Rags?
Rig Rags was inspired by my first born Rigby. The name comes from Rigby's nickname 'Rigs' and 'Rags' is from all the little bits of material I use to make my creations. I strive to make quality home made baby products and love to see other people's babies rocking their Rig Rags. Sewing is what I like to call "my mummy down time". It's something I do to relax and get into a creative mind frame. I love creating products which add style to children's outfits and also create toys which encourage sensory experiences and develop fine motor skills. By having a background in Early Childhood Education I understand how rich textile and sensory experiences are for babies and adding different textured materials and objects to my items I am a able to expand on babies learning. 
I hope to expand on my range soon and add even more learning and creativity to my products. 

Why did you start your wee company?
When Rigby was a baby he was a terrible dribbler I tried so many different bib designs and Rigby would just wet through them or they wouldnt sit right under his chin and were way to big. So i gave making my own a go as i also wanted to be able to add my own personal touch to my sons wardrobe with materials and patterns i love. My firends would compliment Rigby's stylish dribble bibs and more and more people wanted them so I started selling them to friends and it just grew from there and that's when Rig Rags was born. 

Where do you draw inspiration?
 I draw my inspiration from my two boys Rigby and Blu and all the other gorgeous little kiddies I know. I love to see my friends and customers gorgeous children wearing my products that I have created with (love). As a stay at home mum I also know how hard money can be sometimes. So I love having products that are affordable/stylish and a range of items that can fit any personality and style. 

How do you find the time to be a mum and run a small business?
Running a small business and juggling full time mum work is tough! Nap time and any other spare minute is currently dedicated to filling orders and sourcing new and exciting fabrics for the wee ones to wear. I like to find time everyday for just me and my sewing machine as that helps keep the passion I have for my business going. Being a mum my boys come frist, so i like to say there is a 2 week turn around time with each order that way I know I can create your product to the best of my ability. Also COFFEE plenty of coffee!! Like most mums I run on very little sleep and love a caffeine boost

Where do you see Rig Rags in five years time?
I hope in 5 years time I am still creating beautiful homemade products for all your gorgeous babes. I hope to have a website and a bigger range to choose from. 


A bit about my products..

My Dribble Bibs are made from 100% cotton and are tripple layered for extra absorbancy to keep the dribble off your babies clothes. All Dribble Bibs have dual poppers to grow with your baby from 3weeks-3 years. They have a stylish patterned front to match any outfit and are double layered in a thick flannelette backing to help soak up all that dribble. If your babies are anything like Blu you will also need a stack a dribble bibs handy.  

I Love creating Taggy Blankets It gives me the opportunity to put my own spin on your creations by mixing and matching differnt materials and ribbons to create a fun sensory and textile experience for your little babes. I can add detachable organic wooden teething rings for those teething bubba's or i can add a dummy/bag clip so you dont loose it and it's handy for your little one to explore. These are made to order so you get it exactly how you like it! 

Another cute little product I make is Elephant teething rattles. These aren't only cute but also help develop fine motor skills and give a rich sensory experience, through sight, touch, sound and taste. These rattles are great for babies to bash around the organic wooden teether is also detachable so you are able to attach the elephant to the pram, capsule, play gym or the nappy bag. (Rebecca note, these are our faves its our go to toy for Ruby when we go out because it holds her captivation the longest)

I try and sorce only the best quality materials to create these beautiful baby accessories and toys. I really hope you like what I have to offer and  i am able to create something for you all soon.

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