How to trick your kids into watching something you can tolerate on Netflix!

We all know that I’m dealing with a lot right now, and no I’m not talking about the fact that I’m constantly torn between going for a run and eating a double cheese burger with steamed buns and no pickles. I’m talking about the you tube shows Ruby has become addicted to that I can seriously not stand to watch; it’s gotten so bad like so so bad there’s not just the weird older women treating silicon dolls like they are real babies but now she’s watching poo clips like there is no tomorrow, yep I know you’re like poo clips what the shit why do you let her watch that?! It’s not real poop it’s like dolls that people put chocolate on their bums or something and then they’re like oh doll you’ve pooped let’s get you hanged and into the bath... It’s weird and I know that and so I decided I needed to get her back to Netflix, Rocky is still an OG and only wants to watch Dinosaur Train, Tayo or his new fave because he is dinosaur and dragon obsessed Dragons Race to the Edge which is a dope ass Netflix original if your kid loved how to train a dragon (you’ll love it too we watched the how to train your dragon movie before we had kids haha). But Ruby, oh Ruby Lou she is a little trickier to keep happy and gets bored very easily so I’m constantly battling with her and her NO! To get a show on for her I can stand to watch, it’s no easy feat I mean I’m sure you’ve all seen and heard Ruby’s famous NO.

I’ve come up with a cunning plan, I told her there were no more babies on YouTube. I don’t know if she bought it but when I put it on for her I made sure there were only lame non doll like videos on the explorer bit and then I hit Netflix to woo her back in. I established her fave things other than dolls pooping and complied her own list (do you use lists on Netflix if you don’t you should, I only found this feature not long ago and it’s so good) that way she wasn’t over whelmed with choice and I knew she had to like something in there also she didn’t have free reign to pick something just as bad as babies pooping on the internet.

This is the list I started with.

-       Spirit Riding Free, this is not the same as the movie version (which is also on Netflix) this is a Netflix original that is bloody good for the whole family seriously even Jared was into it ha! It’s easy to watch and will take you right back to your childhood watching the saddle club and dreaming of your own miniature pony. That was a actual me I used to buy the horse and pony trader and make enquiries pretending to be my parents haha. Ruby also loves saying neigh neigh so this was a win win and I downloaded it to travel with so she could watch it on the plane!

-       Bolt, It’s a movie and she won’t sit through it but she loves this dog like really really loves it. Dogs are her jam so she’s like OMG a dog the whole way through, she also refers to him as Ollie (our dog) the whole movie like she does any dog shes every come across. Jared picked this one for them one day and it was a huge hit plus he loved it too!

-       The wiggles, I know what you’re thinking they are so annoying! No no they are not, high-five is annoying, iggle piggle is annoying the wiggles are the coolest thing in kid’s entertainment and if you’re not on the bad wagon you need to be, plus I saw them life and they are hilarious! They were our go to for a very long time but both kids went off them a little bit after going to the show ha.

-       Little baby bum, it’s not a poo related bum much to Ruby’s disgust but it is something that keeps her watching so that’s a plus. It’s also kind of annoying hahahaha.

-       Here’s some other things she’s into but are kind of annoying! - Tangled, Teletubbies, all the Air buds and Buddies she’s a sucker for those, Bee Movie, Strawberry Shortcake, Doc McStuffins, Daniel Tigers Neighborhood.

How to get the most annoying child to watch what you want is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with no but seriously there’s nothing worse than being stuck watching something cringe worthy with your child so take away their option and trick them into thinking that the shows in their list is the only thing in Netflix and then just change it up when they get bored it’s as easy as that! And I know what you’re thinking why is your kid even watching that much TV and here’s why, I work from home and Ruby lives at home and try do majority when she’s napping but some day’s shit hits the fan and the old TV babysitter is a bloody life saver plus it’s all about balance yo!

B xx