It was our wee Ruby Lou's birthday this week she turned one, it was pretty low key like we through a rad party but as far as first birthdays go it was pretty low key.

 Ok so it wasn’t like super super low key, there was a theme and prep and all that jazz but it was a real stress free shindig. I remember when Rocky turned one I felt so much pressure to throw this amazing party and it was such a flop, the cake was a frekin disaster it was just thrown together at the last minute because I was so stressed out about the whole thing and I don’t really remember relaxing. I’m not 100% if that’s a reflexion on where I was at in my life or just me being super unorganized but either way Ruby turning one was so much more enjoyable, I could not have cared less what people thought of her party and it was purely about having a bloody rager with her and her one year old mates. We invited our nearest and dearest and celebrated with people that had a big part in her first year from the new friends that I instantly knew were good ones to the friends that helped us through Jared being away and that’s before I’ve even mentioned mum and dad who essentially made it through their first year of parenting as well, even if they are the grandparents we live with them and they fucking made it wohoooooooo!!

I am not a party thrower I am also not a planner, I’m a winger through and through so I’m talking throwing shit together and hoping for the bets but this time I was like sort your stuff B you are too busy for a throw together so I called on my girl Julie from Pop Roc Parties for some help, I’d kind of pinterested the shit out of a theme but was still a bit on the fence because I don’t really like theme’s. I was stuck between my go to Boho and then something I totally stole of someone else on IG and I’m not even going to credit them because I don’t remember who you are but no doubt if someone see’s similarities they will point it out because that’s totally what you do on the internet. Any who off topic so Jules was like go for it GF and I was like yeah wooo I can do this then I said ok what do I need and basically forced her into personal shopping for me ha, no I did select some things and through them in my cart then messaged her 1000000 times uming and ahhing over party essentials or non-essentials. We locked it in and before I knew it there was a box of bloody Alice in wonderland themed things on my door step, I had no plan I didn’t calculate how much of things I needed I was just yolo bitches it’ll be sweet plus Ruby couldn’t give two flying fucks about her birthday as long as a girl can eat cake.

 The Pop Roc website is amazing it’s so easy to navigate and made selecting items super pain free (I’m not saying quick because final decisions still have to be made and that can take so bloody long) but it is a great easy site.

 I basically ordered all the moss things, all the leaf things and all the harlequin things that was it wahla done. I then did a last minute rush to a second hand shop on the Sunday morning to source some tea cups oh and I raided our preschool for all other props like the tree stumps and the two bench seats I put together as a table, yep that easy yo.

 Everything bar the odd last minute cup was sourced from Pop Roc Parties but please sing out if you need any help finding anything or have any questions.


The other thing I nailed this year was the food it was just simple sugary food kids love and almost everything was eaten... ALMOST is the important word because I tried to do the healthy thing and I made fruit salad with a side of yogurt. Not ONE of those fruit salads were eaten, I mean I tried it all I offered them individually and I bribed kids with a cupcake after a fruit salad but no the healthy option was a fabulous flop. Don’t waste your time, or just get better guests.

e just did popcorn (Kettle corn the best!!), lollies because its a kids party and we love sugar, strawberries with a side of sugar aka chic dip, fruit salad (just no), cupcakes that if I didn't add sprinkles to it would have looked like a dog shit on top of them and cheerios. Then the booze there was def booze.

 Then there was the cake oh god do I have a bad track record with cakes I can remember the disaster that was Rocky’s first birthday cake now and again the pressure! So this time I was uber prepared and I baked the cake and made the swiss meringue butter cream the Saturday before so a week out and froze them both, here’s the thing from the Wednesday – Saturday before her birthday we were away so coming home the day before her party meant prep was essential. I made a white chocolate mud cake but divvied it into three-layer cake tins which I got from Stevens for $15.00 (set of two tins) and then wrapped the sucker up with glad wrap popped in an airtight container and threw it in the freezer, honestly best idea ever. I did a similar thing with the butter cream I made it all and then popped in a Tupperware container in the freezer then on the Saturday night I pulled the cakes and butter cream out of the freezer and let them defrost on the bench, I didn’t even trim the cakes down or anything I just went with the classic throw it together approach and it worked wonders! But I did get Kylie for Love from Seventeen to make me this amazing cake topper, I went with this design so I can use it year and year again yep cheap ass mates. Let me know if you want more details on the cake I’m happy to share, I also made a killer cupcake and shared my hack on snapchat yep I’m a #caker yo.

 So that’s her party hope you enjoyed my mum of the year post and are really inspired to throw your own she’ll be right party with minimal stress, feral kids and lots of booze!

 Oh and one last thing get all your party goods from Pop Roc Parties and chuck the code RUBYLOU in at check out for 20% off your order! #yourwelcomebitches

 B xx