So as most of you home girls know I went out on sat and got white girl bloody wasted,I went to a 25th with all these cool childless people. It was a good time but hey lets be honest I'm a good time however I learnt a few things on this boozey outing.

  1. I'm really fucking annoying and talk about my kids way too much, I'm literally that mum thats like oh I have two kids and this is how old they are and oh I know I look far to young and skinny to have two kids hahaha no but seriously all night I found myself saying want to see pictures of my kids. How annoying right? I'm over here like oh what do you do for a job and where did you study then theres me like oh here look at my kids as I scroll through my iPhone gallery, shit mates no childless 25 year old cares about me and my snotty nose children.
  2. I talk about the blog way to much, like they don't have kids they don't care if you are yarning about your kid shitting on the toilet. Just stop B stop they don't care try talking about something cool like how once upon a time you were a makeup artist or that you grew up on an ostrich farm (no scratch that, don't tell them that because thats really weird) just run with the cool makeup artist story.
  3. You can pee in a playsuit without taking it off (thanks Julia)
  4. My online mates (ok followers of the blog) like it when I get shit faced.
  5. I literally can't drink for shit, like I am a light weight and all of a sudden you wont remember getting home because you had to have your head in your lap because the uber was spinning.
  6. Kids are not a good time when your hung over.
  7. Baby daddies that let you sleep in are a good time.
  8. Sex is not a good time if you have a bucket by the bed but hung over sex is always good (not like that happened because my brother turned up and awkwardly interrupted hahaha)
  9. You will break junk free june, fuckkkkkkk guys I only ate some cake that I stole when I got home at 2am but then I also ate some oreo chocolate I promise to give back a day of July soz about that.
  10. That you will get clothes envy when you have to give the amazing outfit back that you hired from Mary Oh.

Next up the live chat.. Shit apparently it was a goody you baby girls loved it apart from you Nesian you troll you (p.s I think I've officially made it because I got a mother fucking troll thanks Nesian) who I killed wth kindness and what not plus she tried to call me a slut and it autocorrected to slug so I think I won that one hahaha. But heaps of you asked for a product list so I'll quickly give you a run down its mainly old as shit but some of it is still on the market I'm sure lol.

  • Australis Primer this is from farmers and I have no idea if you can still get it but its bloody good ok so go look plus it used to be like $15.00
  • Mac BB prep and prime this shit is good like I said in the video I don't actually know the purpose BB is like light foundation and prep and prime would be a base layer under another foundation? I could be totes wrong but thats how I read it lol any who I use this as my every day foundation (ok my once a fortnight foundation when I have to look half descent) and then I wear this with a powder you should always always use a powder. But if I'm going out I use this with a heavier foundation over top. I couldn't find this online but its like $60ish and its  a creme compact type thing.
  • Napoleon stick foundation this is old as hell also but it does the job I don't think you can purchase napoleon in NZ any more so theres no doubt alternatives just as good if your lucky I'll hunt them out for you, I love this because I can just chuck it on for a bit more coverage through my cheeks etc where I get a bit nosey on the booze. Here is other option after a quick google search Clinique chubby stick $49.00 or head into your local farmers cause farmers girls are my home girls.
  • Napoleon camera finish again don't think you can get this here any more so I would go for a Mac I don't really know what but they're all pretty bloody good.
  • Bronzer again hello old discontinued product ha story of my life but I have also had a great Mac one in my time possibly the mineralise one? sorry this is terrible lol.
  • Blush or highlighter I used an eye shadow cause I'm ghetto like that but theres some really great blushers and highlighters on the market maybe hit up a cool counter near you I;m pretty sure benefit its quite dope!
  • Eyebrow powder thisssss is a really important one you need to do your brows taming those are a must! I have big bushy brown slug twins on my face and I still will not were makeup with out filling those brows in, and a powder is the only way to do this (but I also hear gels are quite great I just haven't tried one in a longgggg time but I'm open to it) I use Elizabeth Arden brow power and its the bomb diggity like I can't rave enough about it I have had mine for over three years and I still have not even hit the silver tray like you can still only see powder and I wore it every day for at least one year of those three years. You can buy them from any EA counter and they are about $50.00
  • Eye primer another must have if you wear eye shadow my go to is Elizabeth Arden Advanced Eye Fix Primer which is like a matte concealer kind of thing that you put on before your eyeshadow and it gives your eyeshadow something to hold on to so it comes up more pigmented and lasts way longer on, I'm pretty sure its around $40.00.
  • The eye shadows I used were Mac All That Glitter, Mac Sketch and Mac Smut plus a really old revlon copper colour which I need to replace pretty soon copper is my ultimate go to for eyeshadow! You can watch how I put them on by looking at my live video here, I think these retail for like $40.00? I'm quite shit at this information thing lol.
  • Mascara was Mac False Lashes Extreme Black which retails for around $50.00? and it is really really good it trumps my last fave which was Lancome Hypnose Drama.
  • Tools were brushes I have so many random brands but most are Napoleon and Eyelash curler which is the one product I can't live without.

I didn't take any photos of my face so heres a before and after screen shot from the video lol.

Right gal pals so that was a real quick not very descriptive or accurate run down of the products I used on Sat night when I had all you guys #GRWM  and if you did miss it you can still catch it on my Facebook page here, it was quite the hoot so I'll be sure to find somewhere cool to go again so we can try another look/I'll yarn some more shit. Ask any questions or recommendations and I'll try help out as much as I can, also the pics re lame because I didn't take any of my face sooooo just deal with it ha.

B xx