The gifted game.

I’m totes jumping on a bandwagon here writing this post after seeing so many other bloggers address the whole transparency thing when it comes to paid content, there was an article doing the rounds and it got people chatting about what’s right and what’s wrong. I’m not going to lie I hadn’t actually read the article and just stopped a sentence ago to have a snoop, I get it but I don’t have an overwhelming urge to #gifted on every post where I got something dope for free and here’s why.

The concern seems to be around not disclosing that the post is sponsored with either product or actual cash money, I personally feel like it’s normally rather obvious when something was free or you got paid to post about it A- because so did 20 other people and nek minute bob, dick and frank (hypothetical influencers or bloggers yo) are swearing black and blue they have been eating sardines on toast for like ages and they didn’t just start when the box of sardines arrived on their doorstep (again hypothetical campaign who eats sardines on toast?!) B- Instead of posting my shambles of a life or my kids I’m like hey did you see that Donavan’s are making mother fucking lollies now (not paid but totally got that shit for free). It might just be me but I feel like it’s rather obvious?! And if it’s not then maybe you’re not hanging with the right online crowd?

I don’t get sent a whole lot of freebies in the scheme of things I certainly don’t get packages turning up daily like some bloggers and influencers do but I totally get my fair share, I have a schedule where I write shit out because I would never remember to post the sponsored content if I didn’t like mates hello I literally lose Ruby at least three times a day now she’s on the move so remembering to post about some Manuka honey wellness products (I know I know this one really got you lot going huh) is not something that comes naturally to me.

But here’s the thing if you follow an account with over 5k shit probably over 3k they have gotten something for free and pimped it out without you even realising, it’s the way of the game baby it is literally the future of marketing. Serious question though how many of you sit and watch tv at night with no distractions, I mean in the ads who doesn’t pick up their phone? Erm I feel like the answer is zero yep I’m pretty sure none of you would sit on the couch and watch the ads without scrolling through your social media apps. Do you see where I’m going with this? Marketing budgets used to be spent on primetime tv slots so shorty street for example an ad would probs come on for countdown or a Nespresso machine because the target audience was watching old shorty street now the target audience is on their phones hash tagging up a storm on social media, why would they spend thousands on a tv ad no one’s watching when they can pay a handful of influencers to spin a yarn about the said product at prime time and reach their ideal consumer. It’s a no brainer you must admit they are smart like saving so much money but reaching the same number of people if not more, the times are changing yo and I think it’s probably easier for my generation and then the teeny boppers coming up the ranks to understand because we have grown up with this kind of marketing.

I get paid to post shit I’m not paying for the wedding from it that’s for sure but I’m putting a bit of coin away and I totally get free stuff, normally I will add a piss take hashtag because that’s my style but sometimes I don’t. I certainly don’t take shit for granted I am grateful for everything I receive; I feel no need to get all up in there like eek look what I’m getting guys!! Because I don’t care to see things like that so I don’t think my homies want to see it either, there’s a think called humility and it could probably be used a bit more? But then they might be all yolo I’ll post what I want lord knows I do.

Is blogging or influencing a real job?! Totally I'm not a photographer I have an app or two I use for editing but I don't spend hours getting the right shot so that not that costly for me but when I blog I put my heart and soul into it so fuck yeah I should be paid if someone wants me to write about them. It's a job it's time away from my kids, it's time spell checking and really nailing my grammar ha no but it is time consuming and when something is time consuming you should be paid.

My last yarn about this is you follow the pages that are posting all this paid or sponsored content and your complaining about it? Mates just move on or unfollow if your over it, I try quite hard to not be an infomercial and personally I often unfollow people that come off as un genuine when promoting something it’s no big deal guy’s it’s just the internet. I have totally got some guidelines in place to ensure I have cool shit on my pages and feed (just my life really becasue it's the bomb!), If I could turn my writing and social media channels into a real job fuck yeah I’ll take that shit and roll with it but it’s not my life I am not striving to be internet famous or to have abundances or product delivered to me, I blog because I love telling a story, I love having a platform to support other women and I blog for myself. I’m not paying for followers and I’m barely boosting posts because I’m not made of money, I am organically trying to build myself a cool wee hub of baby mamas to have each other’s back. Do I cringe a little bit every time I see someone desperately trying to pimp themselves out? Totally because it’s super obvious it actually makes me a bit sad when people take the whole internet thing so seriously that they will spend a fortune trying to portray an image in order to become and influencer or IG IT girl but in saying that that’s them and whatever floats your boat I guess I like to say not my monkey not my circus. But being an influencer or blogger for the wrong reasons is a bit of a joke, posting anything and everything whether you genuinely liked the product or not is a little bit lame.

I don’t feel the need to disclose every little thing because I believe my readers and followers are here for me and my authenticity which in turn means I hope they trust me to only be bringing you the products that I genuinely believe in and think will benefit other baby mamas out there. It’s a fine line between making a quick buck and then doing something you are passionate about and back 100%, I think you would be surprised with what I was paid for and what I wasn’t.

Do you as my readers think or want me to I disclose if I have been paid to write something or if I was ‘gifted’ it? I’m kind of over here like fuck that because I’m not duping anyone I know how hard times are and I’m never going to tell anyone to buy something I wouldn’t spend my hard earned money on. I like pizza a lot but I don’t like it enough to blend into the crown for peanuts, we need to value our worth and NZ is so behind in the influencer game. Don’t under sell your selves mates and don’t take any bullshit from people catching feelings that you got something for free or that you are always getting paid to yarn about something it if its organic and genuine then get it girl, this is life and an income is an income so yolo and own it!

“Bitch gotta get that money” in Riris words or my personal fave “Gotta get that dough bro” straight from home brew themselves.

My dream isn’t to have a gazillion followers or to create beautiful feeds that are pleasing on the eye because that is what is in, my dream is to have genuine people who are interested in my life and who value my opinion. My goal is to uplift mother’s from all walks of life and encourage every aspect of motherhood, I love what I do and I love to write but I hope to make my fortune in book sales not in sponsored content. I want people along for the ride that appreciate I need to make money and there isn’t nothing wrong with a bit of pimping but they will trust me to feed only the good shit to them and speak the truth.

I also feel like I’ve missed the whole point of the article on stuff is missed here but whatevs.

B xx