It’s the most wonderful time of the year, unless you busy as hell with two kids, a partner on shift work and a wedding fast approaching. Oh my god that is not a wonderful time so here I am sitting with a personal shopper at Northlands Mall and she is about to get my shit sorted, I paired up with the lovely Katrina who was worth her weight in gold we sat and chatted for a wee while, she got to know me and what I was after and honestly I would have paid to just sit there and talk for an hour because adult company is adult company am I right.

I had already decided to go down the route of something to wear, something to read, something they want and something they need it’s such a good guideline when buying for your children. The idea is they get four presents and following these rules you can stick to a budget but also keep it minimal. I guess for my kids being the age they are it really doesn’t matter like Rocky just had his birthday and I could have wrapped up an apple and he would have opened it exclaiming oh my goodness or wow this is so cool! it’s not about what they get it’s about enjoying the experience and teaching our children to appreciate everything.

With this in mind I tackled our super shopping session at Northlands Mall by discussing the kids ages and what they are into with Katrina who again was amazing and I am now enjoying regular catch ups with her at the mall because I’m back there almost daily either doing last minute wedding things or last minute Christmas things (yep last minute is kind of my thing) and again this morning after bumping into her I left with more tips and tricks of her trade. The main thing I was stuck on was the what do they want I mean one can’t talk and one has the same answer whenever you ask him which is just a present like no specifics just I want a present again it could be a bloody apple wrapped up and he would be stoked with his ‘present’. Ruby was by far the hardest the thing is I am a boys mum through and through I had Rocky first and Ruby didn’t wear pink for the first year of her life but she loves a good dress up, she is constantly trying to put clothes on and put jewellery on and off so I mentioned this to Katrina who promptly filled my head with ideas and started jotting down shops we should visit. With Rocky I was like erm he like’s trains and he likes Duplo and he likes lightening McQueen so again her wee pen and paper went to work and before I knew it we were off. First up was the dollar store where I would have never thought of going for Ruby but that is why I have Katrina she took me around the store and found the dress ups and the jewellery, I had been looking for play jewellery for weeks but I wasn’t looking in the right places was I there was some great stuff in there and I was like why didn’t I think of this! I now have quite the wee collection on girly things including hair clips, high heels (yes I know she can’t walk yo) and tiara’s. This is where it gets good she even came up with a storage idea and pulled out a super big Kete that would hold all our goodies and be easy to clean up and hide away when unexpected visitors arrive who am I kidding they know me and they know my life is a constant mess.

She knew the specials and found me the bargains but as another mother her advice was so good she talked to me about stocking stuffers because this was my next most feared topic, I had no flipping idea what to out in their stockings. It’s so easy to again just fill the stocking with junk but I was hoping to take a more practical route and give the kids things that they would need not just last five minutes, top of her recommendation list was a toothbrush which I had planned to get for both of the kids and she whipped me into a shaving shop where they had a two pack of shopkins toothbrushes for $5.00 which I’m pretty sure was cheaper than the supermarket?! I could go on and on with her amazing suggestions but I’ll leave that up to your very own super shopper experience and I highly suggest you head into one of these six malls providing the service of a super shopper and book yourself and appointment not only do you get all the free advice in the world but you get an hour away from your children so it’s kind of a win win. The best part is it’s totally free and 100% no obligation to buy I didn’t buy a whole lot because I like to process things and look around but it was a no brainer to head back to a few shops and get the things Katrina had recommended!

Katrina’s top 10 stocking stuffers, like I said I loved how practical her things were from a mini box of cereal (this would blow Rocky’s mind) to bath bombs (again mind blowing for Rocky)

  • Cereal box
  • Water gun
  • Fruit squirts (Ruby)
  • Bath bombs
  • Sun block
  • Goggles
  • Hair clips/ties
  • Toothbrush
  • Water balloons
  • Matchbox cars

Now I need to add my own twist because I think even though I totally believe we are soul sisters Katrina was quite healthy sooooo I’ll be totally throwing a kinder surprise or two in the old stocking.

My super shopping time at Northlands mall was actually nothing like what I had expected it to be, it was so far from awkward, it involved no pushy sales person, I didn’t have to spend any money if I didn’t want to and it was incredibly relaxing it was like shopping with a friend but one that helped you pick out the most perfect gifts. Katrina was everything you could ask for in this role and she made this Christmas thing seem like a breeze having her around took so much pressure off she reinforced my decision to keep it simple and inspired me with so many ideas. I also honestly felt no pressure to buy everything and got so many idea’s out of this free service I would have happily paid for Katrina’s expertise!

Super shopper is available at the following malls

  • Lynn Mall
  • Sylvia Park
  • Centre Place
  • North City
  • Northlands
  • The Plaza

Your welcome, B xx