We get sent some pretty cool shit around here and this is up there with the best.. Ok it actually probably is the best.

It's called a Unirider and its made by Mountain Buggy, I've said it before and I'll say it again we are huge MB fans and own numerous products some purchased and some given but every product we own from their range is used almost daily. This one though is fucking genius! It's a bike but not a bike so it's kind of like those tacky plastic trikes with a handle but it’s not one of those and it’s also kind of like a unicycle but it's for little kids so obvs it's not one of those. It was invented by some guy in the UK whom I should probably credit so let me just find his name (it's Simon Langham) and he originally made it from wood before he started working with MB to sell it to the world (I don't really fact check but I'm prettyyyyyyy sure this is correct). It's targeted at kids aged 2-5 years but I guess if they could hold on and they aren’t huge they could use it outside those age brackets (don't sue me when your kid can’t sit still and falls of it because they are 8 months old, please use common sense mates). It comes in yellow which is cool because it's great for boys and girls and it's fun like yellow is a serious fun colour, it has an all-terrain 12” wheel so you can totally go off-roading with this thing and it works really really well.

I'm not going to lie when we first got it I was skeptical about the ease and comfort for me pushing him on it but after one lap of the back yard I was all yo what was I thinking this is way easier than a pram or Rocky’s bike, the kid that is sitting on it is what makes it balance so when you push it they are actually holding all of their own weight so turning and steering is way easier than you would think. We have thrashed it and it is used very weekend if not a few times during the week for trips to the park or just around the block for a spin and some fresh air to keep myself and the toddler sane, I much prefer it over the bike when I have just me and the kid's because I can have Ruby in the front pack and I know that he won’t get tired and want me to carry him, Ruby and the bike (this happens frequently when we take the bike out) plus he seriously loves it so much!

What I would change about it

  • I always like to include this in a review unless there is seriously nothing to fault and normally with MB there isn’t anything to fault but.. I would love love love to see it be made with an adaptable handle so one that could move up and down like a scooter would. This is purely for travelling the Unirider would be ideal to take on an airplane or just away on holiday but the fact you can’t adjust the handle makes it a bit difficult, also if you had a tiny car it would still fit but it may be a bit awkward. However, this would not put me off buying because we love it and now couldn’t live without but I would love to have that option, I guess you could take the handle apart but that’s admin I don’t do admin haha

Fave feature

  • The concept, is that cheating because by concept I mean I love the whole thing! But I guess the fact that it's so versatile would be a huge selling point for me, Jared has been running with the Unirider like actually for a run he ran 3km with Rocky on the Unirider and had no problems at all. We have taken it to the park, the beach, on gravel, on the road, over bridges, up hills, down hills, in the mall, in the supermarket, on the ferry across the cook straight, on the tram.. guys we have literally taken it every where and have never had an issue.

Rocky and I put it together as you can see in this video it was super dooper easy which helps when you have no man power to not read the instructions and put it together all wrong and then you as the women of the house has to try and remedey the sitcho lol.


Some rad features

  • Its a dope yellow colour
  • It's easy to put together
  • It has one of the cool MB wheels so is super versatile and can go on all terrrians
  • It's pretty light and only weights 3kg
  • Age range 2-5 years (reccomendation only)
  • It's really easy for a kid to get on and off
  • Max load 25kg
  • Your literally the coolest family on the block, seriously everyone will stop and ask to take photos and where to get one
  • It's way better to use in a crowded place like a market or festival than a bulky pram
  • The handle is the perfect size for your kid's wee hands but is still big enough for them to confidently hold onto
  • It's a more acceptable form of keeping your kids controlled than a tacky dog backpack leash thing
  • Your kid will feel super cool on it
  • It's designed by a day so it's obviously practical and made to make life easier
  • It has two positions for your kid's feet so as they grow it gows with them
  • It's just really realle cool guys

I hope I have convinced you that you need one, my whole family loves it like my dad is always like Rocky let’s go for a walk ohhh why don’t we take the Unirider and then when we are out he's always yarning to anyone who will listen about the bloody Unirider it's a bit of a lol. It’s actually quite life changing especially when you have the two kids! I feel a bit sorry for our MB pram because it's not getting used anymore and we have two haha oh well you win some you lose some and the pram lost because it's not a rad yellow one wheeled contraption!

Please be safe and use protective gear, if your kids are a clutz maybe got the whole hog and wears arm pads and knee pads ha no Rocky has only fallen off once when we were turning because I'm a munter but he didn’t get hurt and got straight back on, when Jared took him running I was a tad worried that he would come off at speed but going straight they must be a bit of a nongy to fall of like they would literally have to just let go mid ride haha. We always have a helmet on unless we are at the park or in our back yard but any time we hit the pavement or road he in in a helmet, I would treat it like a bike as far as safety goes.

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