Here’s the thing wedding planning has been a bit non-existent like I just don’t care that much about details, I’ve booked the shit that needs to be booked and paid the deposits that need to be paid but that’s about it. I’m not into the little things like DIY and glitter I’m just here for a good time and obvs to marry bae, so everything was going bloody fine and dandy until last week when RSVP’s were due back.

RSVP’s suck fat hairy balls like the fattest and hairiest you could think of, imagine the grossest balls now think about putting them in your mouth and that’s literally how RSVP’s have made me feel. It’ just such a shitter when people don’t get back to you because well I NEED TO KNOW IF YOUR COMING TO OUR WEDDING!! Here’s the thing we sent out save the dates a long time ago and everyone got them that was travelling from afar or near as a matter of fact sooooo I get that I only gave you 7 days to reply to our invite butttttt I the save the dates had the date and the venue on them so I’m pretty sure you had plenty of time. Yep I also have terrible time management skills and I’m really unorganised hence the late invites ha #yolo

Rant over (kind of)

I’ve compiled a little list of things I have learnt about wedding planning in the last few weeks.

  • You will blow your budget, well you might not but you probably will and telling yourself you haven’t won’t work and magically make those numbers in your mum's excel sheet add up (yep my mum does my budget because I don’t know how to use excel oh and I’m just a shithead at stuff like that and by stuff like that I mean money and life). I actually thought I had shitted the budget by like 10k and was like oh my god rocking in the corner actually like FML then I text Jared and was like you’re going to have to moonlight as a police stripper because let’s be honest he would make way more money than me and my saggy boobs like I'd be rocking up dressed as a mum in my mum uniform but he would be all sexy and not saggy in his legit police uniform. But then tonight she realised she had added it wrong and it’s actually sweet like only a few k over budget which I think is totally legit when wedding planning right? Tell me it’s legit and all will be well. In all honesty though after my initial rocking back and forth I went all yolo fuck it it is what it is we are doing it our way with our people and our things so if it’s cracked the budget we will make it work, I’m not going to lie though I was a teeny excited when the budget sito was rectified tonight wohooooooo.
  • Don’t over invite people thinking people won’t come due to travel or having kids or whatever because they will all RSVP yes and then you’ll be like erm ok cool that’s going to cost us $100000000000 more than expected. If you can’t afford a huge guest list then don’t invite them, be ruthless make the cuts yo and make them while you still can. DISCLAIMER everyone we invited we really really want to be there and that’s why we invited them but I really thought some of them were not going to make the effort so because they are it really cements our relationship and that we were right to invite them in the first place, also fuck off if you don’t agree with what I'm saying like I know other people have done this as well I’m just being honest yo (also if you’re a guest coming who is reading this don’t take offence but weddings are fucking expensive and we are so happy you are coming and we can’t wait to party with you and we would have cut you if we didnt want you there so we obvs want you there!!)
  • RSVP's are shit especially when the difficult ones are distant relies or your partner’s family and then it makes approaching the situation extra awkward because you don’t know how to word things to not offend them and you really really don’t want to start a bloody family feud but at the same time it’s your wedding and you have the final say sooooo suck it up people. The bride and groom (mainly the bride) are the most important thing and at the end of the day it’s your way or the highway so stick to your gun’s mates. Oh and take back up also don’t stress because it will all work out I stressed a lot like so much so I lost sleep but I was over thinking and all was good in the wedding hood.
  • People might try and bring random people or random family members and it's not fun to deal with.
  • Drink a lot when doing anything to do with the wedding if it’s less than 8 weeks away it will make everything easier also drink when paying big bills that you probably could have cut but you’re a brat and you just didn’t want to.
  • Focus on the fun shit like flowers, go to the florist and just look at flowers or in my case keep looking at the inspo pictures your florist sent you via email because they are really fucking amazing. Oh and I get to try on the mock-up of my dress this week I cannot bloody wait that shit will be good.
  • Don’t do a wedding budget It will help when you realise your wedding is basically the royal wedding without Pippa’s bum.

Have fun.. ha easier said than done but try I’ve seriously been pretty stress free about the whole wedding thing up until RSVP time and then it all went downhill but I only have one more uncomfortable phone call to make and then bam we are back into the party planning and pinteresting.

B xx

Images via Louisiana Lucy