Fun fact our wedding is a top searched thing on my page and I’ve just realized I haven’t really don’t a whole lot of weddingy things on the blog even though I have a whole bloody section dedicated to our wedding so here we go seen as though it’s a Wednesday and wedding Wednesday is apparently a thing I am blogging about the wedding, shit I might even blog about other things wedding related if you bitches like it.

We got married almost six months ago in the mighty Taranaki (I know you were thinking Manawatu right but I tricked you), shit she was a glorious day ok it wasn’t it rained a little and I was freaking the fuck out about it but she turned out ok. I think this is the perfect time to introduce Kate, Kate is the holy mother of weddings she is beyond what I ever dreamed a wedding fairy god mother would be.

Kate was our home girl.

I decided early on to look for someone to style and semi plan our wedding and I looked and I looked and Kate seemed like the perfect fit, she was a little bit homie but a whole lot romantic and I guess when looking for a wedding person that’s what you want right? We skyped and we met and we ate and we planned, I dreamed and pinned she researched and made it happen. Living in Christchurch and getting married in the Naki had its challenges which was my main reason for finding a wedding mate in New Plymouth, I needed someone with their nose to the floor! (is that the saying? Or ear to the floor?) either way she was to the floor, I could call her with questions or flick her a message saying where the shit do I get a speaker or a unicorn or whatever the hell I needed, she was my gal.

I dreamed up a theme of boho luxe super hippy but also a little classy and she got working I shit you not everything she sent me was so on point with what I was thinking and then to see her put it all into play on the day I was beyond excited, Kate went over and above by whipping up teepees and having lavender seeds as confetti (again this is why I hired her because I would have never ever though up that shit on my own) Kate was like a ninja she arrived and set up without me even knowing she was there she dealt with any minor drama and also kept the day running smoothly, she coordinated the music, the staff and the guests god what a weight off the old shoulders that was. Here’s the think if she wasn’t doing it my mum would have been and that’s the last thing we wanted my mum to be doing even though she probably did try bulsh in a little bit am I right Kate? Haha.

To be honest I can’t rave enough about The Essential and I don’t really know what else to say however I might do a wee Q&A with her on the blog if any one has any questions to ask about wedding planning or styling hit me up because she is your girl. So instead of me keeping on waffling I am going to share pictures amazing amazing pictures that sum up how Kate created the most perfect day we could have ever asked for.


Links for Kates services