What the shit I do! So one of the top things I get asked is what do you actually do? So here I am sitting down with a bunch of bad bitches telling yall what I do. It might be boring as fuck there’s not cute kid stories or anything but there’s me spinning a yarn about how I now get paid to spin a yarn.  I have a few titles I guess and I have a few roles main one being mum but I don’t get paid for that shit so let’s move on, almost every time I mention I’ve got so much to do or I’m heading to Auckland for some work people say wait you have a job? And I always just thought it was pretty bloody obvious but apparently it’s not so here it is I make cold hard cash money all thanks to you babes, well I’ve worked fucking hard to but you guys are my business.

Now I know this could turn ugly because someone’s thinking what? Your using us bitch and I’m not but to be honest I kind of am, I’m using you in the same way a small business uses their customers, ok first up let’s stop using the word use haha I need you just like a small business or any business needs their customers. I am a small business and I guess you are my customers you babing babes are how I make my money, you are how I pay my bills and you are how I contribute to our house hold. I bet you’ve never looked at it like that before huh?

So what do I do? I am a blogger, I blog because I love too I seriously love it so much, I started the blog because I wanted too, I started it to help people and right from the outset I wanted to make people laugh which I hope I do. I started to blog for the genuine love of it and not because I saw it as a money making venture, I never once thought two years ago that I would be able to make an income off my blogging let alone my fucking Instagram account. To be honest I think if I had started it as a money making venture which so many seem to be doing I wouldn’t have succeeded because in my opinion with so many of those blogs the heart isn’t there, the soul isn’t there and its really god damn obvious. I have terrible grammar and am no ‘writer’ like at all ha but I enjoy what I do and I just tell my stories how I want too, you guys let me do that and I am forever grateful, no one has ever told me I’m not good enough or said my writing is shit I’ve been on occasion told it’s hard to follow but yolo deal with it I literally write how I speak and I’m told all the time from people that they hear my voice tell you the story as you read it haha.

I make my living from the internet, no I’m not doing some sexy house work in lingerie for some creepy old me but if I was wouldn’t that be a hoot, I create content for brands and companies and I write stuff on my blog about them. Majority is the IG side go seriously go look back through my feed and you’ll find wee paid posts all through there, I’ve written about this before (here) when people started getting their knickers in a twist about how people aren’t being transparent with their followers about paid content and my thoughts are still relatively the same, I follow people that I genuinely care about their opinion or recommendation, I follow people that I trust to be only bringing me the things they love paid or not paid and I would like to think it’s the same for my followers. I love you guys, I have the most amazing followers as do so many influencers on the internet and you kids are all so genuinely invested and interested in our lives which is amazing (thank you) and for that reason I hope you trust me to only bring you paid posts that I think will benefit you, I bring you products and services that I would support, or buy myself I don’t bring you gimmicky fucking wastes of money, I don’t ever say hey buy this or hey I’m using this and it’s great if I don’t 100% back it. Yes some things land in my lap that I wouldn’t have used on a day to day basis and then I try it and I’m like where the fuck have I been this is bloody great so as I’m influencing you I’m influencing myself. I have had the most amazing opportunity’s through what I do. I have been able to give the kids some sweet experience’s all whilst making a living and it’s all because of you guys, oh and my witty way with words because let’s be honest my pictures aren’t anything too flash lol.

Are you aware of social media marketing? I remember when I blogged about this last time so many of you were like what this is a thing? They are being paid for that? And I seriously just thought everyone knew about this but apparently not. Here’s how I explain it to people that don’t get what I do, I have a following, an audience and companies in this day and age are getting more bang for their buck by paying us influencers to get their product in front of their target market than putting up a billboard or paying for an ad on tv. Seriously how many of you look at the ads when you are watching tv? So like you’re watching shorty st and an ad comes on so you pick up your phone and you scroll through FB or IG then your show comes back on and you start watching it again, you repeat this until you stop watching TV in that time you have probably seen at least one paid post whether you noticed it or not.

So how can you help me and all the other cool kids on the internet? Show us some love and support engage with us, interact with us, like our shit and comment when you really love something, as I write this I keep thinking is this taboo because so one fucking speaks about this but we got everyone over her yelling support mamas in business from their soap box and I am a mama in business. I would not have a business without you guys, I am just as legit as the next mum with a business I pay my taxes and I work my butt of this is my lively hood and I really truly love your support.

There’s a new tool being rolled out by IG that makes it easier for us to disclose our paid partnerships and I bet you will be surprised with who’s getting cash money me included but just remember every time you see that little paid tag when you like and comment you are helping a young family trying to get into their first home, you are supporting a mama who is working her butt off, who is up until midnight most nights writing and you are allowing me to keep being me on the internet and not go get a nine – five job so you can see me on my stories all day every day 24/7 hahaha.

Here’s a piece my mate Brit wrote on the subject as well if you want to read more she inspired me to write this post.

Thank you for loving what we do, thank you for being supportive and thank you for letting me be me.

B xx