I've been absent not because I wanted to be but because I was trying to get my shit together and make the blog more legit. I had to make some decisions and then put it all into effect this has been a slow process for a number of reasons

  1. I literally am the worst decision maker, this has been nightmare I have annoyed numerous friends getting opinions and seeking advice (some of these mates have only met me once or twice and might not actually think we are on the same level of mateship as I do). Obvs I made a decision, hello new website.
  2. I have terrible communication skills, I know 99% off the people reading this will be all word sister you suck at life (it's true) like it literally takes me days if not all week to reply to a simple email or message (I'm sorry).
  3. Once I made the decision I was like shit I don't know what I'm doing because I am so so so not computer illiterate and have no idea how to work the internet.
  4. I have been networking and researching so that I can arm myself with the skills to make a real go of this real website thing (it is obvious if you really look through the sight I have not gained any expertise skills in this area).
  5. I am terrible at anything computer related or internet related or technology related, I don't know why I'm not just writing my thoughts down and then delivering it by pigeon to you all because that would be way easier on my brain.
  6. I wanted it to be really really really good, and I know it will be but for now I just can't wait any longer like the words are basically jumping from my brain onto the computer and when I say no the website isn't ready they're all bitch please the people want to hear what you have to say then I was all yo I think your right I will give the people what they want even though the website is half in latin or something and theres no content.
  7. I have been trying to create my content so the new look was launched jam packed with cool shit to read (there still will be cool shit to read on the REAL launch)
  8. I wanted to have a launch party on a boat with expensive shit but all I could afford was a ride on a row boat at pukekura park and its not even the right season so the boats are closed so you'd actually be sitting on the floor singing row row row your boat whilst eating crisps and drinking cheap sav I put in the soda stream to make it fizzy.
  9. I wanted to wait until I had cute pictures of my family or at least a half decent photo of me to be like hey I'm B I run this shit #girlboss (I'm really no boss but I am a girl).
  10. I didn't want to start off with just another one of my yarns.

Alllrrigghhttyyyyyyyyy then, I think its safe to say I'm yarning, I can't afford a launch party, I still can't make decisions, I have no content ready, I still can't work the internet, I can't speak latin so don't know what the pages here actually say, I did annoy a lot of people to help me but to finish I need to annoy them a bit more, I'm possibly a worse communicator (sorry I will reply to your email soon) and I defo do not have any cute pics to put on the blog. (I took one after writing this its average but its a cute pic none the less)

The urge to write cool shit happens like daily but the lack of format on the page has put me off until now I just can't take it any longer I need to write and yarn and share my opinions, I'm worried what the world will come to if I don't say something right now! (I realise it will be fine but go with it). So much has happened like I left my kid in the car, I live chatted, I started a job, Ruby started pre school, Rocky is 100% toilet trained even at night, I'm tired, Ruby started sleeping through the night again, I won a trip to Fiji, I got tickets to go see the show at Gloriavale, I fed my child McDonalds twice in one day oh my the list goes on all the stories I had to share but no where to share them. Please come say hi and read my shit, please look around but not too closely, please come back for my REAL launch (in cosmetics this would be a soft launch). Please tell me what you think (only nice things) and tell me what you want to see, this is our place, this is our website the one for the baby mamas to be like "hey I'm doing a good job Bekah fucked that up as well I am normal" or "hey that mum has been through the same thing as me and they came out ok so I can get through this too". I want to form a girl gang of the baddest girls in the land all the baby mamas all the baby girls and all the soul sisters out there, stick around for the ride its going to be a goody 

B xx

P.s all old blogs are here under archives and you can use the search bar to search key words.