We don’t all have to like each other but we don’t have to be mean.

Here’s how I see it we don’t all like each other and that is ok, it’s totally fucking fine shit someone is probably reading this write now hating me and literally everything I type is just grinding their gears a little bit more and they can’t wait to bitch about it in their group chat on messenger or they’re reading it and messenger bitching right now and to be honest I’m fine with that gossiping is a thing and it will happen, bitching is a thing, it’s always been a thing and it will happen we probably all do both those things quite often without even thinking about it which is sad but totally true. I’m probably way out of line and people won’t agree with this but it’s kind of normal, it probably shouldn’t be normal but it is we like to talk about people behind there back or we like to say it to their face through the internet so it’s not really there face it’s just a key board warrior trolling the net because they have a sad life and they need to tell someone they are lame to make them feel better.

I cannot deal with seeing someone just bring another person down online, obvs I believe we should all be holding each other up and supporting each other, I truly believe we women should be sticking together and being each other’s biggest cheerleader but at the same time not everyone is going to get along. We don’t have to like everyone’s opinion, we don’t have to like ever picture they post and we don’t have to like everything they say but we do have to be kind because that’s how we can possible change the world, ok not the world but the internet we can try and change the internet by just not being dicks. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I see it like this, you go to school and you’re not besties with everyone in your class you had your mates but you were nice enough to everyone else because you’re a good human being and were raised to treat everyone with respect but they just weren’t your people ya no and that is a fucking ok. Same with work life, like you’re going to make some great mates at work that outside of work you are going to be getting on the booze with or exercising with or just hanging with but you’re not going to be a dick to everyone else in your work place just because you wouldn’t hang with them outside of work, no you’re going to eat lunch together in the staffroom and chat about your kids or pets or you’ll have a joint bitch sesh about the mystery person who never puts their dishes in the dishwasher you will be pleasant and lovely and a good human being who enjoys the company of another good human being it’s just they’re not your person I can tell you right now you wouldn’t look in their lunch box and say oh that’s not very healthy why would you pack that in your lunch. We don’t have to all get along but we can still be fucking nice to each other, I might see someone in the street that kind of annoys me but I’m still going to smile and say hi because I’m not dead inside and well it’s the nice thing to do, I’m not going to say to them oh my god what are you wearing or shit you look like a fat fucking highlighter because we are I person and you just don’t do that however apparently it’s ok to say shit like that in the internet.

I have gotten caught up in the internet before I’m 100% owning that I’m not over hear like I’m perfect I’m here like I have been so obsessed with people in the past I was checking in multiple times during the day because I was constantly comparing my life with theirs and I would say I’m a pretty confident person (more so now) but it happens to the best of us but it’s got to stop because our own individual lives are fucking rad and no one compares to what you have. I have totally checked in on people before just to bitch about them to my mates again I’m owning that but there is a light at the end of the tunnel because believe it or not most people I have been all argh such and such is so bloody annoying have you seen this or that or blah blah and it is so seriously unhealthy but it’s so easy to get caught up in it. I can literally remember the day I was like yo B girl your crazy and you need to either unfollow or get the fuck over yourself and stop being such a bitch, I have unfollowed people because if I’m only following them to be like your so annoying why am I following them and I’ve also gotten the fuck over myself and now enjoy amazing friendships with people I felt I was competing with for so long. Stop checking in and become obsessed with your own life, follow accounts that uplift you or do something for you don’t follow for some warped reasons it’s easy to rid yourself of that you just got to open your eyes.

I’m going of topic but these are just some thoughts I have on the internet and I’m guessing I’m turning two blog posts into one soz, but basically we need to be good people I don’t like key board warriors, I don’t like shit stirrers and I don’t like the old internet trolls but they are here and they will be here for a while yet because just like how the internet is my thing it’s also theirs and they get their kicks out of bringing people down, it’s such a weird concept to me that someone would sit and home and spit so much venom through the computer probably with their kids running around their feet and it’s all aimed at someone else who is also probably just sitting at home trying to do good through the internet with their kids running around their feet. How fucked up is it that one mother feels so much hatred to another mother they have never met and will probably never meet, it is so so fucked up yo, I guess being behind a screen makes challenging someone a lot easier than in person and that screen is the protection they need to be a cunt.

Don’t be a cunt, be a normal person, if you don’t like something move on, scroll past, unfollow and if you do like something then be vocal support that mama give her some love tell her your story. I follow people that I don’t love everything they post but I love the majority, I follow people that post the odd wanky thing but the rest of the time they post dope ass shit and I follow along because I have a genuine interest in them and what they do.

This is such a weird rant type post sorry about that but I just wanted to say it and I probably haven’t said it write and it’s yarny and hard to follow and what not but I wanted to say this so I did.

Oh and just FYI you don’t always have to give your opinion unless the poster is asking for it you don’t actually have to give your opinion, maybe if it’s a safety thing or something but otherwise if you feel you need to disagree then do it nicely, do it constructively and do it with a little sprinkle of glitter trust me it will be way better received.

You don’t have to like everyone on the internet but you don’t have to be mean.

B xx